Trash talk 

Many local candidates are finding time on weekends to greet residents at the transfer station, often a social spot for those wanting to meet candidates and learn more about what they stand for.

In Derry, candidates for state representative and other offices have spent Saturdays holding signs and meeting residents who are stopping by with the local collection of trash and recyclables.

Falling into the season

It's fall and the colors are proving it. Local farm stands are ablaze with pumpkins, unique squash, florals and other seasonal decor, all ready for anyone wanting to spruce up a landscape this season.

Many are also offering the remnants of a successful growing season, with tomatoes, corns, and other produce still filling the market bins.

Happy trails

Derry trail supporters are happy to see the Hood dam project getting underway, as that also includes improvements to the community's rail-trail system heading across the dam area at Hood Pond and on to North High Street. The trail will eventually connect to Londonderry once the Exit 4A project gets underway, but that project is delayed at the moment due to rising costs.

A coronavirus 'crow'

Every year, Chester residents participate in the annual scarecrow display, creating unique characters to display on lawns and landscapes around the town. This year's offerings include the Jetsons, complete with Rosie the Robot, a trio of state giraffes near Stevens Memorial Hall, and even a scarecrow that looks like the coronavirus.  A sign of the scarecrow times, with more unique designs appearing every year.

This Week's Circulars

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