Super messages

The town of Derry is hoping to keep getting the word out to residents about being safe during the pandemic. That includes putting some bold messages out there about the importance of wearing masks.

On a large electronic sign board at the corner of Birch Street and Broadway, the message urges everyone to be like a super hero and wear a mask.

"Capes are optional," the sign read.

Santa sightings

There were still a few days remaining until Christmas, but Santa Claus decided to pay the area some special visits prior to his big ride on Christmas Eve.

Santa not only greeted students online in Londonderry recently, but also stopped by some nonprofits to offer seasonal greetings. The big man also collected special letters written to him by local children to make sure wishes this year were granted.

Many thanks

As this challenging year draws to a close, there were plenty of thank-you messages heading into area communities, offering seasonal sentiments for jobs well done, and much appreciation for help received.

Sonshine Soup Kitchen in downtown Derry regularly highlights special teams of volunteers who prepare meals daily for those in need, but recently, the soup kitchen was offering many, many year-end thanks to volunteers, and those in the community who are also making financial donations to help support the food mission's longstanding work in the community.

A brisk ride

The town of Chester planned to safely continue its Christmas Eve tradition of giving Santa Claus one last trip around town prior to heading back to the North Pole to prepare for his big ride. Every year, the community welcomes Santa to climb aboard a truck and zoom around neighborhoods to safely wave to families gathering on lawns and in driveways.

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