Not so close proximity

As towns begin to open businesses and other areas, meetings that were regularly held remotely in past months are now slowly beginning to show signs of having officials be together in public.

The Londonderry Town Councilor hosted its meeting June 15 at Moose Hill Council Chambers, with several councilors seated safely at the front desk in person, and several members of the public sitting at safe distances in the crowd, with chairs marked off with tape to keep people apart.

Creature feature

It's been noted often on social media these days that the area may be full of a large contingent of furry chipmunks this season. Many residents in area towns are saying the critters seem to be quite numerous in number, hanging off bird feeders along with their neighborhood squirrels and scurrying in and out of stone walls and other areas near homes. Some information online states the large number of chipmunks could be due to a bumper crop of acorns.



Doing drive-in business

Area communities have used many unique ways in past months to do their town and school business, including remote meetings, online resources for tax payments, dog licenses and much more. In Chester, that town used a drive-up model for the annual Town Meeting, scheduled for June 20. Residents were instructed to drive into the parking lot at Chester Academy and listen to town business being presented from a stage near the school's front entrance. Specifically colored flags were passed out to residents for various vote choices to be made on a long list of warrant articles.


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