CHESTER — Some of Chester’s finest are out in force, standing tall and welcoming visitors to this rural community.

There’s a display honoring veterans at Iwo Jima, and famed characters from popular movies. There's the Statue of Liberty in the center of town near the post office and officers standing tall near the town's police station.

Fred Flintstone and his buddy Barney Rubble, along with Dino, sit in their prehistoric car on Route 102 at the turn onto Fremont Road. Soldiers stand near the historic Village Cemetery and Scouts are perched at other central locations in town.

For nearly a decade the Chester Historical Society has spearheaded its unique autumn scarecrow project, offering burlap faces to stuff, along with a simple wooden frame for people to use to create their own unique personality to stand in the front yard, on a porch or at the end of a driveway.

The first year drew about 75 scarecrows to support the Historical Society. The annual display has grown to now include about 1,000 scarecrows dotting the landscape. There are even maps to help direct visitors to where scarecrows are standing.

Signs on roadways entering town from all directions warn drivers to be careful and watch for those who might be enjoying the scarecrow scenery. The towns sees many visitors, especially on autumn weekends, who come to town to view the display. The scarecrows remain on display through Halloween.

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