Beaver Lake Road: Joel A. and Sarah B. Gianninoto to Stephen F. Slater and Donna M. Gallant, $400,000.

9 Blueberry Road Unit L: Jennifer Ashford-Carrier and Jennifer Ashford to David DelaCruz and Rachael Ashford, $225,000.

52 Derryfield Road Unit R: Paul B. Valcourt to Paige Montgomery and Veronica Poulin, $235,000.

Emerald Drive:  Matthew J. Romano to Matt and Michelle Enos, $257,533.

19 Forest St.: Tate Family Invs LLC to Jal LLC, $275,000.

4 Keats Drive: William L. Gipson to Elizabeth C. Champagne and Wesley J. Dumas, $362,000.

11 Myles Drive Unit 11: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Patricia L. and Kimberly J. Roberts, $534,933.

3 Nutfield Ct. Unit 11: Paul J. and Shannon D. Sabbagh to Nicholas D. Dangelo and Katelyn M. Sabbagh, $198,000.

10 Sunset Ave.: 3 Wishes LLC to Brian and Shane Mawn, $384,000.

50 Tsienneto Road: Robert and Jessica K. Marshall to Brian R. and Alisa H. Haigler, $430,533.

90 Walnut Hill Road: Frederick and Andrea Scheffer to Gregory S. and Kaern D. Sargent, $390,000.

19 Wright Road Unit 19: Shane B. Sullivan to Ian C. Graham and Gabrielle Frederick, $330,000.

N/A: Richard and Joan Tate to Jal LLC, $275,000.

N/A Lot 7: Marc P. and Heather E. Bibaud to John F. Kelley and Patricia J. Henderson, $599,000 


7 Braeburn Drive: Belize RE Holdings LLC to David K. Saranich and Kara M. Sranich, $618,200.

6 Crestview Circle Unit 122: Meaghan A. Toothaker to Caileigh L. Geaghan, $215,533.

29 Pleasant Drive: Elizabeth A. Murphy to David C. Murphy and Adriana V. Zulueta, $320,000.

4 South Road: Burton N Boone RET and Burton N. Boone to Jeana Rivera and Emmanuel A. Ortez, $165,000.

Sparhawk Drive: Chad N. Laurent to Victoria L. Savarese, $390,000.

6 Wimbledon Drive: Campfire Properties LLC to Derek and Colleen A. Donnelly, $480,000. 


4 Acadia Road: Wood Mdw Land Dev LLC to Meadow Creek Homes LLC, $250,000.

9 Braemar Road Unit 9: Sherry A. Dunham and Debra A. Decaro to Andrea J. Scheffer, $265,533.

47 Cobbetts Pond Road: Laura Waters-Blanchette to Matthew and Angeline Waters, $460,000.

32 Glendenin Road: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Cheuk H. Chan and Chunling Cong, $250,000.

18 Grandview Road: David J. and Patricia A. King to Michele Polletta and Afsaneh Sabouri, $718,000.

Londonderry Road: Alan D. Passler to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $175,000.

2 Netherwood Road: Netherwood RET and Timothy J. Moore to Corey M. and Laura M. Moore, $550,000.

58 Sheffield St.: Carl D. and Sharon E. Dalessandro to Nicole Ridcout and Michael Rideout, $925,000.

5 Sirod Road: M20 RE Holdings LLC to Chad A. Bolly, $459,266.


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