145 Chester Road: Richard E. and Doris B. Rand to Nick Dombroski, $280,000.

Cross Road: Beverly A. Ferrante to G Desmarais Gifting T. and Gregory A. Desmarais, $329,000.

70 Derryfield Road Unit R: Nicole M. Tilbe to Michael R Aramento RET and Michael R. Aramento, $255,000.

2 Donmac Drive: David W. and Jocye T. Bourque to Sean and Tanya Lebroda, $485,000.

4 Fairfax Ave. Unit 124: Jason M. and Marin E. West to Steven and Melissa Introne, $139,000.

38-A Frost Road Unit 38b: Stepping Stones Rlty LLC to Cailey Watson, $190,000.

192 Hampstead Road: Property Possiable Inc. to Jason and Amanda Matte, $285,000.

2 Harvest Drive: Thomas Lelcair and Robin Leclair to Lisa G. Cosseboom and Joan E. Ruzzo, $350,000.

31 Hope Hill Road: Shawn P. and Briana L. Odonaghue to Sean T. Mcniff and Stefanie Dolliver, $390,000.

24 Mount Pleasant St.: William M. and Audrie J. Tomaszczuk to Russell R. and Deborah Gale, $269,933.

8 Rain Pond Pl. Unit 8: Stack FT and David J. Stack to Adam J. Pappalardo, $427,000.

4 Strawberry Hill Road: Matthew J. and Sarah K. Mcdonald to Samantha M. Bisson and Austin M. Sniezek, $335,000.

16 Sunset Ave.: Mark T. and Laura A. Spinney to Matthew P. Paoletti, $340,000.

1 W. Everett St.: Sandra M. Waites to Christian Aghyarian, $252,000.

N/a: Robert L. Allen to 330 West Road LLC, $230,000.


56 Adams Road: Nigoghosian 1 FT and James N. Nigoghosian to Emily S. Powers and Douglas Standbridge, $325,000.

13 Autumn Lane: Bergeron FT and Richard Bergeron to Lo R. Grennell, $416,000.

25 Boulder Drive Unit 25: Eric J. Gianotis to Joshua M. Lawrence, $205,000.

41 Calla Road: Lorden Commons LLC to Jenna N. and Jessica L. Blackburn, $611,200.

43 Calla Road: Lorden Commons LLC to Matthew G. and Danielle M. Leblanc, $575,000.

21 Chandler Drive: Elena A Bennett 2019 RET and Elena A. Bennett to Amanda Coleman and Matthew Lemear, $529,533.

104 Granite St. Unit 104: Wiseguy Industries LLC to NH Home Buyers LLC, $127,533.

29 Hall Road: James M. Mcleod and Meagan Meleod to Anthony J. Ramirez, $460,000.

10 Iris Lane: Danielle and Jessica Richards to Arthur J. Wilson and Amanda T. Luna, $489,400.

2 Jake Road: Justin and Caitien A. Cordes to Nicholas Biordeianu and Colleen Fleming, $541,533.

25 Jefferson Drive: Jefferson Drive T and James G. Blake to Danae and Michelle Gilbert, $435,000.

23 Kendall Pond Road: Dion R. and Jennifer L. Rowan to Brian Mcnulty, $365,000.

Lincoln Drive Lot 7: Margaret A Soucy RET and David R. Soucy to Ann Emery, $316,533.

Lincoln Drive Lot 17: Jennie Lopez and Diane Cammarata to John and Jennie Lopez, $201,600.

Lincoln Drive: June French FT and Kimberly A. Twomey to Patricia Phillips, $300,000.

Londonderry Square Condo Lot 204: Michael A Licciardi FT and Michael A. Licciardi to Bedford Lending Corp, $289,533.

158 Mammoth Road: John Haley and Nicholas A. Leccese to Jason Goldman and Kelsy Gallagher, $340,000.

427 Mammoth Road: Timothy F. and Melanie J. Loraditch to Mark and Jennifer V. Arredondo, $350,000.

50 Nashua Road Unit 305: Leon R. and Joan E. Tessier to Grey Dog Properties LLC, $132,000.

12 Parmenter Road Unit A4: Judith Wolfram to Gonzo Properties LLC, $75,000.

12 Phillips Brook Lane Unit 12: Donald L. Buttler to Peter S. and Sara L. Lang, $550,000.

61 Pillsbury Road: Charles J. and Christine M. Reed to Paul K. Isbart, $370,000.

1 School House Road Unit 1: Sara L. and Peter S. Lang to Shawn P. Odonaghue, $515,000.

4 Sterling Drive: Herman FT and Robert S. Herman to James M. Mcleod and Meagan Mcleod, $570,000.

Vista Ridge Condo Lot 20: Kathleen Mornighetti and Robert Monighetti to Kynnette Emile, $212,000.

10 Vista Ridge Drive Unit 5: John Tippett RET and John Tippett to Susan L. Mcphail, $184,000.

18 Vista Ridge Drive Unit 230: Gregory A. Garone to Annemarie Morley, $192,533.

127 West Road: Calnan FT and Brian M. Calnan to K A. Totten-Greenwood, $375,000.

32 Wiley Hill Road: Rabecah Wells to Jeff and Una L. Sidlik, $412,000.

378 Winding Pond Road Unit 378: Robert F. Hoaglund to Donald L. Buttler, $293,000.


12 Bristol Hill Road Unit 12: Rosemary Prunier RET and Rosemary Prunier to C E. Verastegui-Pierce and Charles Pierce, $370,000.

8 Greenway Road: Richard G. and Janet M. Sullivan to Samuel M. and Brieanna Gacek, $653,000.

125 Kendall Pond Road: Richard W. and Cynthia L. Dwyer to Zachary C. and Julie A. Dipasquale, $550,000.

10 Lancaster Road: Jon T. and Cari L. Hurt to William R. and Sara Deleary, $899,000.

53 Marblehead Road: Peter G Hamill 2007 RET and Peter G. Hamill to Molly M. Lynch and Henrik K. Ramberg, $740,000.

21 Mockingbird Hill Road: Laszlo Pap to Nancy C. Reno, $475,000.

88 Nashua Road: Kevin and Kathryn Coyle to Jonathan and Kelly Broughton, $415,000.

Range Road: Jeannette C. Leonard to Maria Giakoumakis, $619,000.

16 Thomas St.: Sampson FT and Lorraine A. Sampson to Drew Hostetler and Jenna Mcdonald, $420,000.

56 Blossom Road: Douglas T. and Kathleen A. Watson to Corey S. and Stephanie Morin, $635,000.

18 Burnham Road: David L. and Valrie A. Merchant to George and Kathleen Cutting, $1,005,000.

6 Canterbury Road: Daniel and Amy A. Pellegrini to Dustin and Raina Virgilio, $720,000.

4 Hawley Road: Bryce B. Hanrahan and Julie E. Santamarie to Juan E. and Anastasia Gomez, $401,000.

86 Kendall Pond Road: Debra L. Mackenzie to Kristin L. Wallace and Andres J. Silva, $425,000.

48 Ministerial Road: Joshua T. and Juliet S. Matte to Mark A. Lombardo, $355,000.

7 Mitchell Pond Road: Joseph and Laura Panniello to Elena A Bennett 2019 RET and Elena A. Bennett, $635,000.

101 N. Lowell Road: Laurie Pender to Hari Chauhan, $493,533.

N/a Lot 7a726: Keith D. Crowley to Trevor and Ashley Jeanson, $260,000.

N/a: Corey S. and Stephanie L. Morin to Joseph P. and Christine Pulaski, $475,000.

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