2-l Blackberry Road Unit 2R: Mitchell J. Diresta to Chase M. and Casey L. Bourdo, $246,500.

3 Corporate Park Drive Unit 4: 8 Summits LLC to GM Real Estate Hldg LLC, $1,300,000.

21 E. Broadway: Bringing Derry Together to Downtown Derry LLC, $180,000.

30 Fairview Ave.: Champagne Enterprises LLC to Madison Mckinley, $410,000.

360 Island Pond Road: Joes and Belinda A. Juan to Jared A. Davies, $405,000.

20 Lilly Lane Unit 20: Lifestyle Homes Of Derry to Gerald and Louisette Martin, $492,600.

10 Maxwell Drive: Paul J. and Dale A. Bylin to Robert and Ruth A. Lewis, $355,000.

3 Nutfield Court Unit 16: Healyford Realty LLC to Andrey and Alina Lundin, $254,933.

3 Nutfield Court Unit 17: Healyford Realty LLC to Ryan Zins, $254,933.

16 Stonegate Lane Unit 16: Nicholas A. and Monica P. Vitorino to Jennifer A. Capone, $220,000.

10 Sunnyside Lane Unit L: Aaron and Mary Hill to Nancy J. Byko, $225,000.

10 Sunset Ave.: Paul A. Spinney and Ditech Financial LLC to Newrez LLC, $242,550.


47 Boulder Drive Unit 47: Sanibel RET and Erika Kelly to Kristofer A. Alexa and Joshua Bobrowski, $189,000.

5 Crackling Log Lane Unit 104: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Donald N. and Karen J. Thompson, $526,333.

9 Crackling Log Lane Unit 103: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Lisa A. Surette, $489,400.

10 Crackling Log Lane Unit 50: Cross Farm Dev LLC to John R&M P Lohmann RET and John R. Lohmann, $500,933.

27 Crackling Log Lane Unit 94: Cross Farm Dev LLC to James M. and Gail A. Koutroubas, $519,133.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 99: Cross Farm Dev LLC to William T. Vultaggio, $499,400.

21 Dianna Road: 21 Dianna Rd LLC to Nicholas N. and Millie Martin, $390,000.

107 Fieldstone Drive Unit 107: Millie Martin and Charles Lagoa to Stephanie I. Fournier, $192,000.

51 Forest St.: Sally H. Krukonis to Daniel R. Igoe, $480,000.

9 Lexington Ave.: Shawn&S Kennedy RET and Shawn E. Kennedy to Charles&S Moore RET and Stephanie E. Moore, $487,533.

10 Lexington Ave.: Janet M. Warren to Benjamin M. and Lena K. Mason, $410,000.

32 Olde Country Village Road Unit 32: Jared M. and Megan A. Mccormick to Elana Hall, $195,000.

7 Saddleback Road: Michal J. and Fiona Moran to Matthew N. and Jennifer L. Marino, $505,000.

Winding Pond Road Lot 181: Carol J. Beacuhemin to Stephen J. and Kristin L. Butler, $311,000.

N/a: Dora P Erno RET and Kim E. Lebel to John Hannah, $148,000.


4 Aladdin Road: Kimberlie J. Borchers to Ernest J. Barner-Walton and Sylvia G. Pereira, $532,000.

4 Bramley Hill Road: Thomas J. and Adi D. Faulconer to Christopher J. and Desiree Bailey, $400,000.

2 Nashua Road: Erin E. Parsons to Thomas K. Parson, $68,000.

N/a Lot 10: George Jabour to Rockport Properties LLC, $150,000.


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