15 Blackberry Road Unit L: US Bank NA Tr to Joshua Houston and Kayla Balis, $184,933.

Bunker Estates, Unit 111: Jemco Properties LLC to Sandra Okeefe, $172,533.

1 Cabot Drive: Jennifer L. Walters to Aoife M. Omeara and Richard T. Fortin, $475,000.

107 Franklin St. Ext. Unit 2: Doris C. Neale to Matthew J. and Christina Miers, $162,933.

6 Frost Road: Solid Gold Inv. Grp. to Taylor Petrosino and John Faia, $204,000.

85 Goodhue Road: William P. and Jean P. Goterch to John M. and Darlene M. Cartier, $329,000.

20 High St.: Gordon E. and Stephanie Clark to Gen Nan and Yan Li, $305,000.

8 Old Chester Road: Virginia Arbustini to Yva Gelin and Etzer Claude, $440,000.

1 Pemigewasset Circle, Unit 1: Robert J. Barclay to Tarkpor A. Mambia, $335,000.

15 Rollins St: Keith D. Cronyn and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $120,769.

88 West Broadway Unit 3: Fabian S. Castillo to Kevin Look, $79,933.


Appletree Lane: New Hampshire State Of to Pillsbury Realty Dev LLC, $800,000.

6 Holly Lane Unit 6: Jennifer Sabatella to Vdulia Martinez and Jason Gonzales, $160,000.

52 Pettengill Road: ARCP ID Londonderry NH to ILPT Properties LLC, $50,600,000.

49 Pillsbury Road: Paul Sullivan to Joseph and Courtney Conomacos, $307,000.

36 S. Parrish Drive Unit 36: Robert W. and Barbara F. Grant to Susan M. Perry, $350,000.

9 Wallace Circle: Susan M. Perry to Curtis D. Bonnell, $486,533.

4 Wilshire Drive: Sharon and Gary W. Lowberg to Kyle Godfrey, $314,000.

351 Winding Pond Road Unit 351: Kimberly Payson to Julie B. Hempfield, $253,066.

22 Winterwood Drive Unit 22: James T. & Carol F. Wrigh RET and Alice Watkins to James West, $215,000.

110 Winterwood Drive Unit 110: Frederick E. Brack to Kimberly B. Taylor, $188,800.


7 Buckland Road: Michael K. and Diana L. O'Neil to Audra Macie and Alex Tamm, $544,000.

32 Highclere Road: Ruby Holdings LLC to Madan M. Podduturi and Manjula Lagishetti, $784,200.

1 Industrial Drive: FDI Realty LLC to AFS Realty LLC, $1,900,000.

42 Northland Road: Stephen A. Delponte and Lake Sunapee Bank FSB to 42 Northland Rd LLC, $438,000.

55 Sheffield St.: Remi Sons Inv. LLC to Rory D. Oconnor and Mickenzie E. Gallagher, $721,466.

N/a Lot 6c112: GBS Walker Woods Dev Co to Remi Sons Inv LLC, $156,000.

N/a: Lucy R. Sieger and Michael Ryan to Mark Tullpano, $10,000.

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