13 Blunt Drive: Serge Michaud and Jennifer Finnegan-Michaud to Joseph and Hermance P. Michaud, $425,000.

29 Derryfield Road Unit R: Donald R. and Karen S. Frost to Luigi Dominguez, $166,933.

47 Escumbuit Road: Robert J. and Pamela S. Buckley to Matthew D. and Kerrin P. Bowen, $805,000.

3 Fairfax Ave. Unit 173: Noel A. Goyette to Bashar Alshalabi, $139,933.

Hunter Drive: Rozina Gregory to Robert S. Granda, $400,000.

35 Juniper Road Unit R: Linda Keighley and Christopher Donato to Sarah Perry, $290,000.

71 North High St. Unit 13: Guy Mathieu and Ilona Grzegorzek to Daniel F. Nigro and Marietta C. Majtenyi, $310,000.

81 North High St Unit 10: Patricia L. Roberts to Elizabeth A. Harrington, $285,000.

58 North Shore Road: Thomas and Karen Connors to Marco Bonenfant Const LLC, $230,733.

15 Silvestri Circle Unit 13: Carl A. Vaillancourt to Mark R. and Theresa A. Berube, $98,000.

Skylark Drive: Kenneth A. and Donna L. Desantis to James L. and Jamielee M. Rauch, $425,000.

Stonegate Lane Lot 18: Lorena H. Voisin to Christiane Petty and Sarah Ciabotti, $195,000.

23 Stonegate Lane Unit 23: Joanne L Flynn RET and Joanne L. Flynn to Ethan Walsh, $228,000.

85 Stonegate Lane Unit 85: Keith A. Rupp to Briona A. Heon and Jack M. Thomas, $170,000.

8 Upstone Lane: Cristofer J. King to Timothy and Felicia Scouten, $339,933.

N/a Lot 9-40: Adams Pond Realty LLC to Seth A. and Allyssa Lempke, $360,000.

N/a Lot 2: Judith Hamer RET and Sandra Amabello to Sandra Amabello, $230,000.

N/a Lot L: Allison Flynn to Michael A. Gamanche, $230,066.


Cross Farm Condo Unit 72: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Lawrence R. and Mary E. Dunn, $570,400.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 90: Cross Farm Dev LLC to James A. and Jacqueline A. Driscoll, $618,133.

4 Davenport Drive Unit 4: Robert M. and Elaine C. Sinclair to John J. and Gail E. Covino, $519,000.

5 Honeycrisp Circle Unit 59: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Deborah A. Lausier, $525,533.

34 Kitt Lane: Matthew A. and Leanne J. Augeri to David Coscia, $381,000.

Mammoth Road Lot 13: Sheena L. Scott to Jennifer Roman, $172,533.

8 Nettie Way: Belie RE Holdings LLC to Vejdi and Hasibe Celebi, $580,000.

7 Oconnell Drive: Philip and Catherine Clinton to Tyler W. and Maria A. Fenton, $370,000.

76 Old Derry Road: Chad M. Harris to Alicia M. Silva and Charles J. Rosa, $347,000.

Rolling Meadow Condo Lot 13e: Kimberly S. Wong to Mary Oconnell and Michelle Wapelhorst, $215,000.

8 Snowflake Lane: Scott E. and Sarah J. Benson to Kimberly Wong and Matthew Benn, $608,000.

55 Stonehenge Road: Stonehenge Properties LLC to Jennifer L. and Michael A. Branson, $520,000.

N/a Lot 3-173: G M&D M Gillespie IRT and Gerlad M. Gillespie to Rose Bud Capital LLC, $267,000.

N/a Lot 38-98: Lorden Commons LLC to George S. and Beverly A. Bierman, $539,800.

N/a Lot 2: Stacey L. Cabral to Jason and Maria West, $274,933.

N/a Lot 12-99: Michael J. and Renee L. Harmon to American Intl Rel Solt, $460,000.

N/a Lot 12-99: American Intl Rel Solt to Brian Botelho, $460,000.

N/a: Linda R. Difazio to Victoria I. Broccoli and Joseph R. Borccoli, $370,000.


31 Burnham Road: Dukenzbret LLC to Pawtucket Rd Landholings, $185,000.

Collins Brook Road: Dorothy T Mccarthy RET and Colleen J. Mccarthy to Foresight Investments Inc, $232,400.

Collins Brook Road: Dorothy T Mccarthy RET and Collen J. Masson to Foresight Investment Inc, $232,400.

Easy St: Carl G. and Dawn Cotter to Jose L. and Yelena Barbosa, $861,533.

34 Glendenin Road: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Troy J. and Katelyn Boutelle, $879,000.

27 Gordon Mountain Road Unit 27: Ronda M. Daly and Robert P. Dolan to Diana Stephens, $418,000.

25 Hickory Lane Unit 25: Charles F. Fowler to Kenneth J. Ford, $350,000.

Highclere Road: Ruby Holdings LLC to Richard J. and Joy Augugliaro, $760,000.

Jackman Ridge Road: Stuart P. and Callie Morgan to Aaron and Leeann Check, $635,000.

44 Meetinghouse Road: Gretchen V. Williams to 107 Ponemah Rd LLC, $376,600.

50 Morrison Road: Scott S Livermore LT and Scott S. Livermore to Ashish and Kanupriya Panwar, $548,000.

Nashua Road: Janice Leahy to Jeffrey and Rhisa Dickson, $570,000.

15 Thomas St.: Anthony R. and Melissa S. Lemieux to C M. Fitzgerald-Tharp, $394,533.

N/a Lot 23: Brian and Diane Martin to John E. Obrien and Tammi L. Campbell-Obrien, $180,000.

N/a Lot 7a707: Eric S. Spofford to Meaghan M Ralich RET and Meaghan M. Ralich, $400,000.

N/a Lot 7a704: RPT T and John G. Cronin to P B Tau Real Recovery IRT and Philip B. Taub, $503,000.

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