173 Bypass 28: Dennis M. Brasher to Levis Vega, $540,000.

111 Chases Grove Road: Emily Coco to Daniel J. Palmieri, $145,000.

44 East Derry Road: Patricia J. Cassel to William R. Dascoli and Shirley Yai, $331,000.

19 English Range Road Unit L: Devin M. Lucy and Cameron M. Swanson to Angela M. Lenker, $275,000.

144 Hampstead Road: William B. and Margo B. Collins to Jacob A. George, $299,000.

2 Kenro Way: Joseph L. Mccarran to Dean P. Germinara and Amy L. Germainara, $325,500.

8 Lake Ave.: Peter M&Amy M Simon RET and Peter M. Simon to David A. Mcintire and Lisa M. Young, $375,000.

17 Myles Drive Unit 17: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to J M&M E Lichtman Flyn RET and Joseph M. Flynn, $551,200.

64 Old Chester Road: David R. and Deanna J. Armstrong to Jason Sullivan and Nisha Panikkavcetil, $377,000.

120 Olesen Road: Joseph A. and Nancy L. Fothergill to Richard D. and Colleen M. Petty, $401,933.

Pinkerton St. Lot 135: Emily E. Obrien to Kimy Chung and Yuhung Zhang, $296,933.

3 Pinkerton St.: Travis and Laura Youssef to Charles R. Blaszka, $350,000.

2 Silvestri Circle Unit 6: Eric S. Rosengren to Hiram Rodriguez, $62,533.

1 Tsienneto Road Unit 18: Mark Gauthier to Elias Gerjes, $115,000.

3 Tsienneto Road Unit 36: Kevin L. and Kathryn N. Coyle to Elias Gerjes, $137,000.

5 Tsienneto Road Unit 151: Paul D. and Carol L. StJean to Joshua L. Macgillvray and Jennifer Macgillivray, $249,933.

24 Windham Road: Josiah Armstrong to Aaron J. and Joy Tocci, $360,000.



3-a Constitution Drive Unit 3: Linda Barron to Laurent Bejjani, $115,000.

4 Crestview Circle Unit 113: Michael A. Varney to Takafumi Doi, $226,000.

4 Edward Circle: Shane and Heather Dillon to Ryan M. and Noreen C. Coombs, $655,000.

32 Holstein Ave.: Tatiana Taranov and Matthew C. Smith to Katelyn and Benjamin Waldron, $550,000.

389 Mammoth Road: 381 Mammoth Rd LLC to Danielle M. Kittery and Dwayne P. Godfrey, $372,533.

5 Reverend Parker Road: David J. and Robin A. Gelinas to Alex J. and Kara J. Orton, $370,000.

116 Sandstone Circle Unit 116: Daniel R. Pacheco to Kelsic Beaulieu-Lord and Joseph Beaulieu, $220,000.

5 Sara Beth Lane: Thomas and Diane M. Selinka to Matthew D. and Jennifer A. Smith, $530,000.

1 Silas Rock Road: Jemco Prop LLC to Alexander Jaime, $636,733.

2 Valley St.: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Daryn Seiberth and Suzanne Seibnerth, $320,000.




29 1st St.: Northeast RE Corp to Tracey Partington, $585,000.

33 Burnham Road: Dukenzbret LLC to DC Dev&Const LLC, $175,000.

14 Clarke Farm Road: R&Jenifer Glatz RET and Richard M. Glatz to Enu V. Inasu-Kunduku, $850,000.

27 Hawthorne Road: Kevin P. and Michelle L. Farrell to Kenneth and Jennifer L. Whitaker, $1,190,000.

14 Lavender Lane: Windham Marblhead Prop to David Belavitch and Geraldine M. Vaughan, $250,000.

6 Magnolia Road: Virginia A Lundgren RET and Eric K. Lundgren to Anne P. Biele-Mcclure and James Gorman-Mcclure, $1,250,000.

4 Marblehead Road: Steven P. and Chelsie Olivier to Mariah and Jonathan Stevens, $384,000.

Tokanel Road: Regina R. Galvin to Alexis M. and Luis Teixeira, $475,000.


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