35 Beacon Hill Road Unit L: Sydney P. Bishop and Caleb L. Thompson to Cameron Wichland, $240,000.

2 Berge Lane: Daniel L. Jamison to Coleman E. and Christine Foley, $430,000.

Bunker Estates, Unit 110: Marie A. Bergstrom to Leo Masse, $189,933.

Chase Mill Condo Lot 112: Jones&Wilson Realty LLC to Michele Dwyer, $305,000.

13 Donovan Drive Unit 13: Karen P. Webb to Linda D. Whelton and Ronald Baron, $380,000.

89 Gulf Road: Coleman and Christine A. Foley to Ruby M. Arce and Alexa Fuentes, $385,000.

304 Island Pond Road: William S. and Lisa L. Cournoyer to Austin Wilson, $399,000.

14 Jeff Lane Unit R: Cynthia Ahlman to Tracy L. Deluca, $265,000.

6 Matthew Drive Unit L: Renee L. Deshaies to Raymond J. Jonice and Thomas J. Szydlowski, $221,000.

81 North High St. Unit 20: Derek Jean to Kelly M. Morgan, $270,000.

3 Nutfield Court Unit 18: Healyford Realty LLC to Maciej W. and Ewa Osypiuk, $264,933.

Overledge Drive: Intentional Ventures LLC to Kaycee Kershaw and Kyle Bernardo, $330,000.

52 Pond Road: Michael and Denise Jackson to Clinton L. Mackie, $355,000.

Shepard Landing Condo Unit 12: Healyford Realty LLC to Giselle and Toni Sawma, $254,933.

Shepard Landing Condo Unit 11: Healyford Realty LLC to Nicholas D. Dangelo and Katelyn M. Sabbagh, $254,933.

20 Wentworth Lane: Bradford C. and Karen M. Illian to Olivia R. Decoito and John S. Mandrioli, $360,000.

N/A: Glenn and Wendy Gehly to Matthew E. Lemire, $265,000.

N/A Lot 23-8: Judith Barreto to Sherry Leonad, $285,000.

N/A Lot 10-9-9: Ross E. Pisani to Jenna and Eric Parker, $420,000.

N/A Lot 14-31: Michael Deutsch to Tyler H. Ray and Melea R. Devitt, $475,000.


15 Apollo Road: Janet and John Mclaughlin to Daniel and Krista Mclaughlin, $268,000.

13 Bartley Hill Road: USA HUD to Abigail E. Riedel, $112,533.

10 Burbank Road: Timothy E. Moran to Kristen E. and Jonathan R. French, $499,933.

1 Charmarand Row: William R. Drumheller and Audrey Allen to Aaron J. and Kelly M. Yust, $395,000.

6 Crestview Circle Unit 139: Allison A. Bush to John F. Kelleher, $199,000.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 64: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Rita M Daley 2015 T and Rita M. Daley, $525,333.

132 Fieldstone Drive Unit 132: Active Management SVC to Eric Sokolski, $215,933.

65 Forest St.: Robert E. and Cynthia A. Litch to Jessica L. and Carl E. Zimmerman, $542,000.

22 Gerry Lane: 4NH Homes LLC to Vine St Rentals LLC, $666,666.

Meetinghouse Drive: Richard J. Lambert to Adam and Rebecca Petkus, $409,000.

17 Premier Drive: Donna J Bever RET and Donna J. Bever to Troy M. and Sarah Ward, $576,000.

107 Sandstone Circle Unit 107: Kumar Draikkannan and Virignia Doraikkannan to Nicole Graton-Peterson, $191,000.

West Road Lot 5: Robert J. and Kathleen G. Donnelly to Norman L. and Linda N. Dallaire, $258,533.

N/A Lot 58-6: Cedar Crest DEv LLC to Michael and Mary Adam, $554,933.

N/A Lot 11: Mark D. and Neila P. Brownstein to Jeremy and Lauren Allen, $438,933.


6 Brown Road: John Oliveira to Raja and Kristen Khanna, $510,000.

8 Hardwood Road: Natalia Aristova to Sriram Sistla, $462,00.

122 Haverhill Road: Susan M. Bauchman to Chase A. Bauchman, $80,000.

Sherwood Road: Stephen VanSeters and Andrea Van-Seters to Christian M. Klare and Betheny A. Reutemann, $885,000.


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