10 Al St. Unit L: Lisa M Spofford RET and Lisa M. Desisto to Sergio A. Patino-Tamayo, $200,000.

10 Al St. Unit R: Ronald J. Ferreira to Jericho Howell, $192,600.

17 Brady Ave.: Robert and Diane M. Green to Alex T. and Gary K. Rudis, $350,000.

7 Chester Road Unit 111: Kevin Bourassa and Stella Guinn to Dawn M. and Ronald J. Zanazzo, $315,000.

7 Circle Drive: Jesse Jean to Eric Jablonski and Nikko Tremblay, $460,000.

52 Conleys Grove Road Unit L: Duane P. and Debra A. Baron to Michael J. Borges, $315,066.

7 Damore Lane: Joanne Termine to Daniel F. Hughes, $125,000.

Damren Road: Guiseppina Amato to 6060 Properties LLC, $255,000.

124 East Broadway: Gay G. Beers to Christopher R. and Daniele E. Cunha, $360,000.

English Range Road: Magoon FT and Paul R. Magoon to Jeffrey S. Panzero, $380,000.

224 Hampstead Road: David B. Benedict to Amy Wilkins and Ronnie R. Carman, $360,000.

10 Harvest Drive: John R. and Chandler H. Cruz to BGRS Relocation Inc., $587,000.

10 Harvest Drive: BGRS Relocation Inc. to Thomas J. and Alyssa B. Thomas, $587,000.

13 Harvest Drive: William A. and Antoinette M. Lionhood to Esteban Castillo, $610,000.

31 Highland Ave.: David J Roy FT and David J. Roy to Anthony Crivello, $285,000

22 Juniper Rd Unit R: Adam E. Carver and Alexandra J. Ryder to Nathan and Jenna Hurteau, $200,000.

5 Ledgewood Drive: Sinh and Elizabeth Nguyen to Michael Gabardi, $152,000.

3 Lorri Road: Proulx FT and Beverly A. Proulx to Arthur M. and Diane L. Pitari, $412,000.

81 North High St. Unit 13: Ann and Ricardo Ramos to Thomas Sokolski, $270,000.

81 North High St. Unit 19: George S. Dias to Andrew J. Glaeser, $259,933.

1 Newhouse Drive: Daniel S. and Mary T. Hagan to Jeffrey E. and Kimberly H. Richards, $350,000.

Oakwood Condo Unit 23: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Redmond FT and Dana W. Redmond, $319,000.

19 Phillip Road Unit R: Gaetano and Antonia Cilluffo to Ivan and Gloria K. Rubio, $269,933.

131 Rockingham Road: Simpsons Painting Inc to Jaxson Enterprises LLC, $725,000.

40 South Ave.: Ryan J. Frasca to Rebecca Cutino, $240,000.

15 Steele Road: BR 10 Lot LLC to Victor and Maria Moniz, $125,000.

21 Sunset Ave.: Zachary E. and Patricia L. Johnson to Timothy A. Smith, $339,000.

8 Tiger Tail Circle Unit L: Charles M. Polinger and Tony M. Neto to Heidy F. Dalacruz, $249,933.

5 Tsienneto Road Unit 121: Benjamin C. Mead to Nihat Ertas, $240,000.

N/A: Pennichuck Water Works to Maison Belle LLC, $100,000.

N/A: Fleury FT and Darryl R. Fleury to Davi Carsen, $334,600.


6 Alan Circle: Gerald F. and Michele L. Kayo to Cory K. Young, $400,000.

Anthony Drive: Faith A Yablonski RET and Faith A. Yablonski to Adrienne Xenos and Kevin Koehler, $550,000.

2 Burbank Road: Rong Lig to Cooper J. Brown and Jenna L. Bueuno, $500,000.

14 Calla Road: Scott M. and Jillian K. Vaillancourt to Kritine Laing, $449,933.

119-I Capitol Hill Drive Unit 119: Nidia Rodriguez to 119 I Capitol Hl Dr LLC, $125,000.

18 Crestview Circle Unit 199: S&S Kennedy RET and Shawn E. Kennedy to Salman A. and Ramona S. Malik, $189,933.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 92: Cross Farm Dev LLC to William J. and Sasanbeth G. Deremer, $547,000.

2 Karen Lane Unit A: Michael and Kelsey Keshigian to Ronald Crete, $272,000.

17 King Henry Drive: Frederick J. and Joann P. Wills to Eric W. and Laura A. Getchell, $450,000.

6 Matthew Drive: Robert R. and Karen D. Precourt to Meagan J. Spencer and Christopher R. Kurps, $405,000.

6 Mayflower Drive: Carol C. Brennan to Niccole Y. and Rafaely Martinez, $389,000.

31 Mayflower Drive: Leo J. and Karen L. Roy to Mark D. and Kathryn E. Mcquarrie, $347,000.

Moulton Drive: Mary A. and Brian M. Hassick to Tam DeSa, $510,000.

32 Mountain Home Road: Patricia Lapenna to Christin A. Ahern, $300,000.

19 Nutfield Drive: William J. and Susanbeth G. Deremer to Natasha L. and Paul J. Tibbetts, $504,000.

77 Page Road: Michela E. Verani to Michela E. Verani and Ben Weigler, $145,066.

20 Pleasant Drive: Carmita and Sothea So to Michael L. Weinberger and Yu Taniguchi, $395,000.

Reverend Parker Road: Michael J. Lafond to Joseph Niccolo-Demasco and Mattison J. Giroux, $445,000.

91 Rockingham Road: Pamela A. Hall to James Geulakos, $355,000.

Route 12: Lionel R Labonte RET and Denise Littlefield to Tahoe Realty Holdings LLC, $1,400,000.

16 Sutton Pl.: Pauline L Engler RET and Pauline L. Engler to George and Maria Covino, $485,000.

43 Wilshire Drive: Anne Magrath to Shawn and Corinne Dwyer, $370,000.


3 Colchester Road: Kenneth and Lori Sykes to Meegan and Darryn Remillard, $595,000.

5 Dublin Road: Corey C. Moore to Aaron and Lindsey Gettinger, $490,000.

Faith Road: Kyle P. and Sara A. Prohovich to Michael Guerriero and Casey Somaini, $299,466.

9 Faith Road: Kyle R. and Sarah A. Prohovich to Michael Guerriero and Casey Somaini, $299,466.

19 Glendenin Road: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Timothy J. and Danielle P. Stanton, $949,000.

20 Gordon Mountain Road Unit 20: Sydney W. Tibbetts to Frank W. Rizzotti and Mallory B. Sohl, $395,000.

63 Londonderry Road: Carl F. Diranco and Nicoe Difranco to Erin E. Parsons, $318,000.

80 Mammoth Road Unit 10: Richard and Alice Capuano to Joan Quinn, $325,000.

39 Morgan St. Unit 39: Robert G. and Debra C. Fleig to Kurt and Barbara West, $635,000.

50 Sharon Road: Sally H. Dangelo T and Sally H. Dangelo to Matthew Knight, $675,000.

7 Weston Road: Timothy and Tracy Pitcher to Yuexian Zheng and Haixiong Tang, $850,000.

9 Yorkshire Road: Timothy J. and Danielle P. Stanton to Kyle P. and Sarah A. Prohovich, $1,274,866.

N/A: James E. and Patricia A. Irwin to Barbara A. Succh, $445,000.


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