8 Al St. Unit L: Margaret Mary Morgan RET and Margaret M. Morgan to William M. Fleury, $182,000.

13 Al St. Unit R: Theresa A Steele RET and Theresa A. Steele to Lisa M Spofford T and Lisa M. Spofford, $125,000.

3 Birch St.: Matthew Lambert and FNMA to FHLM, $122,570.

15 Bonnie Lane Unit R: David K. Blackhurst to Leslie A. Parker, $185,000.

142 Chester Road: Alden L. Burt and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $76,500.

2 Coles Grove Road: James Gore to Christopher Richmond, $215,000.

14 Craven Ter.: Crystal-Vera T. Drohen to Jessica M. Dion, $190,000.

77 Derryfield Road Unit R: GLO Inc. to Kimberly Mills, $123,333.

9 Dustin Ave.: MDR Reheb&Development LLC to Frank S. Giuditta and Kaitlin B. Edwards, $259,933.

90 East Broadway Unit 15: David W. Fahey to Ryan V. Kennet, $72,933.

14 East Derry Road: Joseph and Rita Moropito to Laura Lane Properties Inc., $116,000.

67 Kilrea Road: Deluca FT and John Deluca to Mark Towne, $198,333.

44-1/2 Mill Road: Christopher J. and Suzette V. Cowan to Bryan and Carrie A. Nadeau, $261,066.

17 Newells Meadow Lane Unit 17: Donna Presanzano to Daniel and Sheila Chrissanthis, $140,000.

22 Olesen Road: Granite Props Of New Eng to Matthew and Catherine Benoit, $250,933.

2 Pine Isle Drive Unit A: Mitchell B. and Edward L. Mencis to Jennifer Archibald, $147,066.

100 Rockingham Road Lot 22: Arthur J. Barberian to Suzanne T. and Ryan D. Houde, $49,400.

1 Spinnaker Drive: Kevin D. and Heather R. Learn to Jacob M. Whitam, $243,200.

4 Westgate Road: Linwood S. Mann to Kelley Fifty, $255,000.

4 Brook St.: Mazzaglia FT and Barry T. Mazzaglia to Brandon N. Vezina and Joshua R. Roman, $330,000.

6 Drury Lane: Richard L. and Cathleen A. Brothers to Deborah L. Hogan-Vicente and Joseph Vicente, $395,000.

167 Island Pond Road: Bruce J. and Susan M. Augusta to Zechariah K. Frawley, $451,000.

375 Island Pond Road: Jeffery Terrance-Richards and Norah B. Richards to Lynn M. Leone, $351,000.

2 Kelley Drive: Grantland and Kaitlan Case to Jeffrey R. and Tracy M. Starke, $440,000.

23-l Kendall Pond Road Unit 1: Walter J. and Vicotria A. Reeves to Case and Meghan Bolduc, $230,000.

1 Matthew Drive Unit L: Kimberly J. Bonham to Christopher and Adriana Archambault, $205,000.

12 North Shore Road: Dean and Donna Decker to Diane Heffernan, $370,000.

17 Rollins St.: Andrew M. and Courtney C. Johnson to David A. and Mariah J. Knight, $337,533.

11 Stone Fence Drive: Mastriano Group LLC to Joshua R. Lavoie, $570,000.

5 Valerie Lane: B&T Development LLC to Kevin Mcnamara, $539,933.

9 Village Brook Lane: Hebert FT and David G. Hebert to Alyssa Shallberg and Ryan Bossie, $573,000.


3 Bellflower Holw: Brook Hollow Corp to Michael and Adrienne M. Anderson, $426,200.

7 Bellflower Holw: Brook Hollow Corp to Kevin M. and Traci A. Yore, $384,200.

10 Hazelnut Lane: FNMA to Erin J. Wessling, $31,900.

188 High Range Road: Kenneth W. Carpenter and Shauna C. Moore to James E. and Nancy P. Kneidel, $275,533.

19 King Charles Drive: Steven D. and Lauren B. Thompson to Gregory and Kristen Buchanan, $385,000.

48 Mammoth Road: Clocher Penny Est and Cynthia Jankowski to Danielle L. and Chester J. Morrison, $233,933.

491 Mammoth Road Unit 32: Raymond A. Martineau to Paul A. and Patricia J. Paradise, $115,000.

5 Oriole Lane: Bayview Loan Svcing LLC to Gary and Kim Hardy, $202,533.

70 Perkins Road: Londonderry Hotel LLC to Shivsai LLC, $4,800,000.

16 Vista Ridge Drive Unit 234: Andrew P. and Lisa M. Roy to Gerald L&J A Guilbert RET and Gerald L. Guilbert, $144,933.

112 Winterwood Drive Unit 112: Morike Property LLC to David J. and Donna M. Spatola, $171,666.

27 Adams Road: Mark and Kathleen A. Marchetti to James E. and Nicole S. Mcclure, $540,000.

37 Calla Road: Lorden Commons LLC to Colin E. Root and Clifton L. Lafelur, $538,733.

140-k Capitol Hill Drive Unit 140: Vincent J J Balukonis RET and Vincent J. Balukonis to Figen Yildirim, $111,000.

1 Crackling Log Lane Unit 106: Cross Farm Dev LLC to John L. and Victoria M. Maxwell, $558,133.

18 Currier Drive: Judith M Moran RET and Judith M. Moran to David S. Raymond, $350,666.

77 Gilcreast Road: Michael A Licciardi FT and Michael A. Licciardi to 77 Gilcreat LLC, $226,000.

155 High Range Road: Juris Ozols to Gary and Minelly Mills, $580,000.

3 Honeycrisp Cir. Unit 60: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Michael S. and Joanne Bordonaro, $541,333.

8 Jason Drive: Anthony C. Rozniak to Mona and Donald Bement, $610,000.

491 Mammoth Road Unit 31: Cathleen A Palmer RET and Carl T. Palmer to Brian A. and Nicole C. Medlock, $205,000.

3 Melody Lane: Peter D. and Monica Mclinn to Lindsey and Corey Palmer, $390,000.

Mountain Home Estates Con Unit 54: 425 Fox Hollow Way LLC to Elizabeth Purcell, $226,533.

Pillsbury Road: Pillsbury Rlty Dev LLC to Baldwin Senior Living, $8,500,000.

107-a Rockingham Road Unit 1: Valerie and George L. Layne to Frederick W. Nader, $194,000.

Route 102 Lot 10: LC 10 LLC to 1B Commons LLC, $119,933.

Route 102 Lot 9a: LC 9A LLC to 1B Commons LLC, $120,000.

10 White Plains Ave.: Margot J. Driscoll to Brian and Heather Robinson, $555,000.


2 2nd St.: Jencks FT and G Michael Mcpherson to Steven Beaudet, $50,000.

6 Blackburn Road Unit 6: Carol A Cormier T and Carol A. Cormier to Eugene J. Murphy, $329,933.

25 East Nashua Road: 80-82 Blossom Street RT and Coleman P. Mcdonough to Lisa Smith and Kevin Wolff, $490,000.

21 Fish Road: Armano Realty Investments to Emma L. Dann, $465,000.

10 Harris Road: Jarosky Joseph Jr Est and Joanne Morrison to 10 Harris Road LLC, $125,000.

9 Hayes Hart Road: Kwiatkowski Frank F Est and Kari K. Harris to Thomas P. and Carol L. Bloom, $325,000.

5 Meadow Road: Scott W Livermore LT and Scott W. Livermore to Matthew and Briana M. Whalen, $350,000.

28 Mountain Village Road Unit 28: Michael F. and Mary-Jo Antosca to Maria L. Lima, $295,000.

53 Ryan Farm Road: Christopher Montesione and Kalen Wilczek to Alisyn and Jared Hoole, $572,200.

2 Brentwood Road: Stephen and Ellen Hsu to Brenda D. and Christine M. Nesheim, $579,933.

39 Burnham Road: Duckenzbret LLC to Glenn P. Corbert, $170,000.

1 Edgewood Road: Krista Springer to Robert Basile and Rebecca Madanjian, $599,933.

6 Gardner Road: Rockport Properties LLC to Ryan Shaw and Kaitlin Melia, $284,000.

Hardwood Road Lot 54: 54 Stacey Circle RT and Fred J. Forman to Joseph A. Moskowitz and M Gonalez-Arredondo, $320,000.

London Bridge Road: Duckenzbret LLC to Eleane Lave LLC, $185,000.

2 Maple St.: Mary E Whitaker RET and Mary E. Whitaker to Christopher Valliere, $530,000.

Park St.: Devon D. and Nicole Crawford to Jeffrey and Tina Arsenault, $397,000.

N/A: Dean Gekas to Foresight Investments Inc, $420,000.

N/A Lot 7a681: Saia FT and Frank A. Saia to Hope T, $715,000.

N/A Lot 16l354: Michael J Pisiello RET and Michael J. Pisiello to William Bragel, $850,000.

N/A Lot 13c9: Nassar RT and Jean T. Nassar to Lindsay and Nathan Fletcher, $350,000.

N/A Lot 14b119: Jennifer Ruggiero to Clyde A. and Celerie G. White, $999,933.

N/A Lot 14b260: London Bridge South Inc to Amitoj S. and Shivani Sukhija, $739,933.

N/A Lot 4a: Richard Duke to Paul F. and Cynthia A. Finn, $200,133.



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