9 Aiken St.: David A. and Jeannette R. McClane to Kristin L. and Conner R. Bailey, $332,533.

21 Brier Lane: Melissa M. and Matthew J. Nadeau to James and Pamela Teebagy, $463,000.

Carroll Cir.: Donald P. Carroll to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $127,533.

73 Old Chester Road: David and Quirina S. Hernandez to Shannon B. and Erin R. Bertelsen, $359,000.

20 Pinehurst Ave.: Mcmaster Development LLC to Jeffrey C. and Sara A. Duncan, $371,000.

5 Tsienneto Road Unit 155: Robert and Linda J. Aronson to Alison Buinicky and Roebt Leleszi, $215,000.

5 Tsienneto Road Unit 166: Robert L. Leleszi to Marie J. Prince, $131,533.

N/a Lot 2: Donald P. Carroll to Bringing Derry Together, $147,533.


9 Manasquan Cir.: Elizabeth A Court RET and Elizabeth A. Court to Brian J. and Melissa Robinson, $515,000.

Meetinghouse Drive: Noah N. Fallon to Stephen R. and Amanda L. Clark, $476,000.

285 Winding Pond Road Unit 285: Jamie A. Roetman to Jennifer E. Giuston, $237,000.

18 Woods Ave.: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Jeffrey J. and Tracy Proia, $405,000.


26 1st St: Kelly M Hamill 2007 RET and Kelly M. Hamill to Diane S. and Brian H. Martin, $579,000.

17 Blossom Road: Thomas R. and Ann M. Czernecki to Stephen P. and Kathy L. Williams, $567,000.

30 Doiron Road: David T. Dalton to Vania R. DeLemos, $335,000.

Lakeshore Road: Roland M Lesicu RET and Steven C. Lesicue to Ltd Storage LLC, $350,000.

104 Mountain Village Road Unit 104: Michele Araujo to Muhenad Samaan, $370,000.

18 Sheffield St.: Cartus Financial Corp to John Osullivan and Kathryn Mullen, $825,000.

14 Timberlane Road: Chris N. and Jeannette M. Alexandrou to William J. and Margaret E. Parks, $1,250,000.

N/a Lot 11c255: Traci R. Gordon to Cartus Financial Corp, $825,000.

N/a Lot 14b123: Laura K. Cortese to Michael and Sarha Doren, $749,000.


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