81 Bypass 28: Brandi R. and Justin J. Connor to Paul and Elibel Abanilla, $460,000

4 Crescent St.: Adam R. and Alexia Teixeira to Jason A. and Cassandra L. Duncan, $370,000

97 E Broadway Unit 6: Tesuj LLC to Suryakant R. Patel, $139,933

25 English Range Road Unit L: John Carvalho to Kathleen Taylor and Patricia Dimeo, $270,000

7 Fox Hollow Road: Richard J. Depasquale to Jeffrey T. and Norah B. Richards, $500,000

48 Old Chester Road: Paul C. and Jodi S. Childs to Stephanie and Nicholas V. Cenatiempo, $480,000

1 Pembroke Drive, Unit 12: Joseph H. and Teresa Oberkrieser to Lisa M. Debenedetto, $130,533

17 Silvestri Circle, Unit 14: Justin M. Coombes to Gregory J. and Kelsey Hanafin, $210,000

20 Spinnaker Drive: William S. Robinson to Matthew Galezowski and Alexandra M. Dellanno, $510,000

40 Windham Road: Thomas and Angelica Casey to Allison and Justin Charles, $435,000

N/A: Kevin Quinn to Ian C. and Amanda L. Lemke, $385,000

19 Back Chester Road: Joanna N. and Michael Brosnan to Kristen Jones, $530,000

20 Beacon Hill Road: Robert and Heather Avila to Kimberly Zaccagini, $460,000

24 Brian Ave., Unit L: James E. and Rene H. Merrow to Vannary Sann, $286,933

2 Bristol Court, Unit 342: Amanda R. Brand to Michael Bloomfield, $181,000

141 Bypass 28: Norman P. and Joanna M. Swan to Centura Bay LLC, $200,000

11 Crescent St: Candice M. and Jeffrey C. Mccauley to Brent S. and Laura A. Mackenzie, $402,000

73 Derryfield Road, Unit L: Stephen A. Demattla and Jocelyn Demattala to Andre S. Pego, $270,000

44 Drew Road: James R. and Wanda L. Schembri to Michael and Joanna N. Brosnan, $368,000

49 Drew Woods Drive, Unit 49: Joan E. Green to David Montanus and Lisa Sarcia, $399,000

28 Featherbed Lane: Gregory and Rachel Proulx to Bryan G. Fishman, $1,000,000

65 Fordway Extension, Unit 1204: Dawn and John W. Morris to Harold J. Clark and Patricia A. Hanley, $215,000

106 Hampstead Road: Jerome J. and Donna M. Pesaturo to Paul and Maria Scaglione, $620,000

103 Island Pond Road: Andrew R. and Sarah L. Glines to Zachary J. and William R. Konick, $450,000

50 Kendall Pond Road, Unit L: Bradley Chase to William F. Lajoie, $235,000

19 Kristin Drive: Bernard T. and Tracy A. Fritz to Zachary R. and Kara L. Anderson, $435,000

12 Lancelot Drive, Unit R: Phyllis Chopelas to Gina Craven, $250,000

52 Lane Road: Linda Rutter to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $450,000

10 Myles Drive, Unit 10: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Robert L. and Kathryn R. Massey, $486,933

104 Old Auburn Road: T&Charlene Puzzo FT and Thomas A. Puzzo to Elizabeth K. and Cameron J. Barrett, $485,000

12 Old Chester Road: Mark and Lilian Conant to Luigi and Denise Decicco, $560,000

92 Old Chester Road: Laura Lane Properties Inc to Michael Morash, $380,000

2 Senter Cove Road, Unit L: Steven J. Drohan to Janet Lopez, $320,000

21 Spinnaker Drive: New Hampshire State Of to Stephen A. and Jocelyn Demattia, $173,266

26 Stark Road: Simone L. Dube to Duarte M. Bettencourt, $490,000

69 Stonegate Lane, Unit 69: Erik and Kimberly R. Feole to Italia M. Minchello, $225,000

1-b Susan Drive: 1 Susan Drive LLC to Michael J. and Nancy Lally, $175,000

14 Village Brook Lane: Joseph and Donna Holt to Justin Y. and Lindsay Lariviere, $491,000

121 Walnut Hill Road: Robert P. and Sheila A. Schaefer to Timothy M. Rich, $503,000


30 Olde Country Village Road, Unit 30: David P. Guilmette to Ami M. Doyle and Nicholas J. Ratta, $270,000.

10 Tranquil Drive: Magnolia Steel RET and Calyssa Elric to Jonathan S. and Ashley Marcou, $447,000.

24 Wilson Road: Bertin Emmons RET and Bertin C. Emmons to Stacey M. Emerton and Timothy J. Ford, $575,000.

2 Bittersweet Lane: D&M Keefe FT and Douglas W. Keefe to Keep Smiling T and Sandram Luther, $626,000

21 Clover Lane: Lorden Commons LLC to Timothy and Maura A. Mahoney, $624,933

21 Elwood Road: Alan P. and Susan M. Robinson to Jeremy and Jennifer Walter, $505,000

79 Granite St., Unit 79: Shannon L. Ryan to Juan and Natasha Santana, $215,000

13 Grapevine Circle: Donald F. and Patricia A. Dupaul to Anthony Leggeri and Mackenzie Conceny, $575,000

259 High Range Road: Andrew and Ceu Wentzel to James and Chelsey Grant, $460,000

18 Holly Lane, Unit 18: Joshua W. Lown and Whitney Shilton-Lown to Linda Duquette, $220,000

16 Isabella Drive: Philip M. and Linda S. Geiger to James R. and Deborah A. Arbo, $695,000

9 King Charles Drive: Michael Dula to John Fitzgerald and Elizabeth A. Caruso, $530,000

64 Mammoth Road: William and Ashley Wolfgang to Kevin J. Bergeron and Vanessa R. Guerin, $451,000

169 Pillsbury Road: Margaret M. Ryan to David M. and Robin R. Hall, $340,000

56 Stonehenge Road: Paul R. Cameron to Eric and Rebecca J. Cooper, $335,000

24 Tanager Way: Donald M. and Karolina T. Smith to David D. Court, $650,000

55 Winding Pond Road, Unit 55: Alex M. Lambert to Lourence R. Smith and Kailua Kona, $360,000

112 Winterwood Drive, Unit 112: Trevor Merrill to Stephanie M. Busby, $305,000

4 Catesby Lane: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Viyant S. Rekhi, $658,533

23 Clover Lane: New Comes Lorden Commons to Andrew H. Tenhagen and Shannon M. Guenette, $610,800

23 Clover Lane: New Comes Lorden Commons to Bernadette A. and Edward T. Mcgonagle, $611,933

Cross Farm Condo Unit 80: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Frank J. and Linda M. Cucchiara, $576,133

5 Fieldstone Drive, Unit 5: Roberta A. and George A. Norris to Mark Y. Brunache, $265,000

86 Fieldstone Drive, Unit 86: P&Melissa Lamalfa RET and Paul S. Lamalfa to Devin Gunnerson, $258,000

167 Fieldstone Drive, Unit 167: Nicholas T. Terzakis to Carrie Ann Bryant, $235,000

200 Fieldstone Drive, Unit 200: Richard B. Pelletier and Tania R. Penha to Amie J. Blazonis, $257,000

85 High Range Road: Christina and Stephanie J. Young to Patrick Morang and Olubunmi T. Okoya, $735,000

21 Kestree Drive: David Jean to Robert A. and Alisa Decella, $500,000

192 Litchfield Road: Salman and Nauren Raza to Adrina E. Marin and Andrei Pelin, $630,000

48 Old Derry Road: Baker RET and Roxanne N. Baker to Juan and Crista Barahona, $455,000

Old Nashua Road, Lot D: Eileen T. and James R. Perrotti to Schwan Faber and Sarah Meier, $215,000

3 Raven Terrace: Evan K. Sohm and Mary Mirabello to Joseph P. Estee, $610,000

Rolling Meadows Condo Unit 22c: David R. Soucy and Casey Stowell to Tyler Properties 1 LLC, $225,000

2 School House Road, Unit 2: Gina L. Tymowicz to Andrew Wheeler and Jacklyn Guill, $678,000


24 Balmorra Road: Michael C. Nikitas and Amy V. Evans to Corey J. Phomveha, $650,000.

53 East Nashua Road: George R. and Heather A. Stark to Vicky L Oakley T and Vicky L. Oakley, $560,000.

20 Hawthorne Road: Milton G. and Sylvie Hugh to Daniel J. and Lisa A. Sullivan, $800,000.

148 Kendall Pond Road: Graziela R. Cafua to Thi M. Nguyen and Michael E. Smith, $732,000.

20 Kent St.: Melvin FT and Mark C. Melvin to Michael E. and Sara L. Hough, $725,000.

82 Londonderry Road: Roland J. and Angela M. StHilaire to Anthony and Kathleen Harris, $555,000.

78 Mammoth Road, Unit 5: Linda A. Clements to Carol J. and Stephen A. Wain, $350,000.

N/A: Michael J. and Sharon L. Bono to 51 Heritage Hill RT and Erica Hubbard, $1,175,000.

48 Blossom Road: Jason and Margaret Barreto to Daniel Kennedy and Desiree Altomare-Kennedy, $929,933

12 Bramley Hill Road: Diane F Winter RET and Diane F. Winter to Joseph and Joanna Nash, $805,000

33 Flagstone Way, Unit 33: Christine Fuller to Richard V. and Donna M. Muscato, $525,000

3 Heron Cove Road, Unit 3: Marilyn E Bailey RET and Marilyn E. Bailey to Diane T. and Gordon R. Hutton, $850,000

35 Jackman Ridge Road: Larissa and Erica Hubbard to Trevor Caira, $827,533

13 Kent St.: Walsh 2014 FT and Carroll L. Walsh to Heather J. and Robert J. Smethurst, $689,000

22 Kent St.: Derek A. and Allison Coles to Keith D. and Allison T. Miller, $885,000

16 London Bridge Road: Joel A. Santos to Jonathan M. Bartolotta and Christine Champanis, $915,000

69 Lowell Road: Kelly C. Tibbetts and Robert A. Morrill to Rui F. Li, $460,000

33 Ministerial Road: Robert K. and Mary H. Abramovitch to Ivan Diaz and Davy Sin, $410,000

4 Mockingbird Hill Road: Patrick D. Scanlon to Michael R. and Ashley M. Cabral, $735,000

52 Morrison Road: Dorothy Mcgurren to Kelly Tibbetts and Robert Morrill, $600,000

30 Oriole Road: Daniel Kennedy and Desiree Altomare-Kennedy to Michael and Kyra Robin, $650,000

10 Sharon Road: K A Kroeter RT and Karen A. Kroeter to Thomas A. and Amy H. Rufo, $600,000

55 Stacey Circle, Unit 55: Jessica M. Despres to Ann M. Burchill, $411,000

N/A: Timothy S. and Stacey M. Gehlmann to Cheng&Chen FT and Lebin Cheng, $1,860,000

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