Unit 3, 105 Bunker Estates, condominium, $134,000, JMJ Properties LLC to Sharon K. Branam.

58 Walnut Hill Road, land/building, $272,000, Ryan N. Hussey to Hairs and Megan Kudrolli.

8 Old Chester Road, land/building, $354,733, Hampshire Ventures Inc. to Virginia Arbustini.

17 Harvest Drive, land/building, $477,000 Hampstead Road and Harvest Drive LLC to Gregory and Jane P. Moore.

101 Chester Road, land/building, $272,533, David and Linda Thompson to Scott and Andrea McCain.

Unit 14, Derryfield Estates, condominium, $87,000, N.H. Finance Authority to Stacy L. Disabato.

Running Brook Mobile Home Park, mobile home, $29,000, Richard and Robert Metts to Jason Circeo.

Unit 2 DS Condominium, condominium, $117,533, Patriot Asset Resolution LLC to Tyler Gianitsis.

22 Coles Grove Road, land/building, $295,000, Gina M. Plantz to Richard and Renee Christian.

153 North Shore Road, condominium, $124,000, Bertrand Nault to James McManus Jr.

31 Windham Depot Road, land/building, $165,000, Ronald Solson to Adam Lachance.

Unit 44, Hillcrest Village, condominium, $147,000, Thomas and Heather Hudson to Jason Kooken.

Land, $250,000, Wilbur and Claire Webster Revocable Trust to Cow Bell Corner Realty LLC.

26 Kendall Pond Road, land/building, $410,000, KTM Properties LLC to Galco Properties LLC.


Nevins Active Senior Coop, other, $347,733, Gilcrest Realty Holdings to Lawrence and Pearl Goodrich.

75 Hall Road, land/building, $180,000, PNC Bank to Kelley Duane.

Unit 74, Oakridge Manor, condominium, $106,000, Gertrude Pherson to James McLean.

Unit 17E, Rolling Meadows, condominium, $145,000, Timothy Geroge to Kaitlyn Fay.

Unit 9, Vista Ridge, condominium, $132,000, Michael Clarke et al to Christopher Lewis.

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