62 Bedard Ave.: ACS2017 LLC to B&T Development LLC, $260,000.

3 Crescent St. Unit 3038: Robert J. Marini to Luis E. Marte Reyes and Yaniry R. Cordero-DeMarte, $291,666.

2 Doris St.: Timothy B. Malcolm to Andrew R. Young, $318,000.

97 East Broadway Unit 1: B&B FT and Paul W. Allen to F Penelope Cappella, $100,000.

20 Franklin St.: F8 Tri Partners Realty to SM Properties LLC 1, $1,320,000.

4 Independence Ave.: Thomas J. and Mariela Patrick to Matthew D. and Jeanne M. Martin, $360,533.

1 Misty Morning Drive Unit D: Paula M. Senia to Youngha Choi and Na L. Sin, $227,000.

Pembroke Drive Lot 20: Bank of America NA to Muhamed Durakovic, $79,800.

11 Pondview Drive Unit 11: Kim R. Wierman to Christopher R. and Bethany R. Johnson, $327,533.

21 Worthley Road: Claire C. Damboise to Christian D. Scott, $228,000.

N/a: USA HUD to Craig J Bonneau Const. LLC, $95,533.

N/A Lot 12118: Patrick and Michael Sullivan to Dennis Giangregorio, $123,000.

N/A: 71 North High St. Prop and Carol A. Rogers to Walter E. and Lee A. Mitchell, $264,000.

N/A: Ivan G. and Beverly A. Nault to Brian and Joann J. Freeman, $190,000.


96 Bayberry Lane Unit 96: Donna L. Jean to Joanne and Arthur R. Bruce, $90,000.

Cross Farm Condo Lot 3: Cross Farm Dev. LLC to Theodore R Kolman RT and Theodore R. Kolman, $575,000.

91 Granite St. Unit 91: Charles and Denise Nutt to Katelyn Williams, $175,000.

20 Haywood Road: James A. and Cheryl L. Bouchard to Ryan S. and Kristen M. Mcguigan, $470,000.

43 High Range Road: Donald W. and Victoria S. Kinnett to James and Wendy Paskevich, $369,900.

5 Jacks Bridge Road: Harvey Propco LLC to AGNL Pane LLC, $40,500,000.

104 Litchfield Road: Betty L. Bland to Allison M. and Jason S. Buttle, $120,000.

478 Mammoth Road: Nugent FT and Sheryl N. Levesque to Nathan Fudala, $206,000.

67 Morrison Drive Unit 67: Chaffet FT and Robert G. Chaffet to Donald P. and Ann Carroll, $490,000.

63 Old Nashua Road Unit 62: Linda and Vincent Palaia to Marjorie A. and Andrew J. Shannon, $181,000.

12 Vista Ridge Drive Unit 42: Edouard J. Pouliot T. and Constance G. Pouliot to Andrew M. and Benjamin P. Leblanc, $194,933.

86 Winterwood Drive Unit 86: Kevin B. Bridges to Diane L. and Mark Rutledge, $224,933.


7 Bristol Hill Road Unit 7: Edward and Cathy J. Desimone to Franklin A. Sayles and Catherine Erickson-Sayles, $375,000.

16 Bristol Hill Road Unit 16: Dianne M. Nealon to Edward and Cathy J. Desimone, $390,000.

75 Stacey Circle Unit 75: Chuan C. Wang and Olivia Li to Julie and Timothy Malcolm, $300,000.

1 Timberlane Road: Barry D. Emmert to Matthew Rounds and Amanda Hayden, $1,035,000.

N/A Lot 7a704: Eric S. Spofford to RPT T. and John G. Cronin, $375,000.

N/A Lot 18l1: Andrew P&C J Lane RET and Andrew P. Lane to Laszlo Pap, $690,000.

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