3 Modean Drive, land/building, $292,533, June 8, Ryan and Gayle Ridley to Joseph and Stacey Donovan.

2 Daniel Road, land/building, $165,000, June 11, Michele Anderson to Fulcrum Eurotech LLC.

14 Elm St., land/building, $155,000, June 12, Just Another LLC to Daniel Allen et al.

Unit 50, Sunview, condominium, $123,933, June 12, Roger Lebel to Timothy and Patricia Darcy.

7 Raelynn Drive, land/building, $284,533, June 13, David and Jennifer Coberth to Michael and Tracy Shuley.

54 Chester Road, land/building, $210,000, June 15, Jill and Kevin Fitzgerald to Shelby Leone et al.

23 Hunter Drive, land/building, $265,000, June 15, Paul and Linda Trapane to Jean Varma.

27 English Range Road, land/building, $195,000, June 18, Luis and Jaime Burgos Jr. to Mark and Wendy Conway.

Unit 344, Fieldstone Terrace, condominium, $65,000, June 18, Sandra MacGregor to Moosup LLC.

5 Old Chester Road, land/building, $263,933, June 19, Thomas and Linda Mansur to Elie and Meredith Touma.

80 Overledge Drive Ext., land/building, $199,533, June 20, Michael Cabral et al to Ashley Lang.


13 Wiley Hill Road, land, $332,933, June 8, Granite Properties of New England LLC to Christopher and Veronica Smith.

52 Clark Road, land/building, $325,000, June 12, Louis and Susan Coltey Jr. to 52 Clark Road LLC.

44 Holstein Ave., land/building, $399,933, June 14, Deborah and Jose Alvarez to Kathryn Wepsic et al.

Unit 9, Parrish Hills Elderly Community, condominium, $215,000, June 14, Cheryl Enwright to Bette and Charles Jervinis.

5 Meadow Drive, land/building, $220,000, June 19, Potential Properties Corporation to Kevin Yore Jr. et al.

4 Jay Drive, land/building, $262,800, June 19, Kirsten Szustak Trust to Cecilia Anne Scheuerman.

3 Saddleback Road, land/building, $310,733, June 19, Gene and Carolyn Decamp to Rita Egan et al.

Sales information is published in summarized form for your information only. These listings are not a legal record and do not include all details of each sale. Names shown are usually the first to appear on the deed. Sales information is published under copyright license from Real Data Corp.

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