6 Arrowhead Road: R.L. Bellia Holdings LLC to Nathan Amirault, $399,000.

23 Ashleigh Drive: Yvon Cormier North Dev. to Prime Storage Derry LLC, $5,516,333.

6 Brookview Drive: Stephen M. and Mary Kyle to Jodi A. Caruso, $339,000.

31 Central St.: David A. and Charlene L. Buffum to Bernardo D. Polanco and Gissell M. Amezquita, $323,000.

62 Chester Road: Patricia A. Cabezas to Nathan R. Sylvia, $199,000.

Claire Avenue: Michael Chavez and FNMA to Laren P. Smart, $29,324.

84 Derryfield Road Unit L: Kyle R. Horton to Chantelle E. Vinneau and Aja M. Stevens, $185,000.

63-1/2 Drew Road: Houston Builders LLC to David J. Dupont and Nicole Maio, $399,000.

58 Kilrea Road: Michael and Erin Gennetti to Denison and Priscilla Lugo, $362,400.

12 Maxwell Drive: Cynthia A. and Paul M. Nichols to Laurie Jesmer and Cheryl Rousseau, $292,933.

Morrison Road: Stacey A. Steinmetz to Diane L. Simpson-Pye and William G. Norwood, $453,400.

36 North Shore Road: Godin 2015 FT and Garry J. Godin to Daniel P. and Jeanne M. Desruisseaux, $518,200.

42 North Shore Road: John P. and Carol M. Callahan to Barbara O. Arcidiacono, $340,000.

2 Orchard Drive: Orchard NT and Paul G. Needham to Martha D. Leighton, $385,000.

84 Overledge Drive Ext. Unit 84: Kyle P. and Michelle B. Lippert to Christina J. Digiacomo and Darrin Cawthron, $321,500.

7 Silver St.: Laren P. Smart to New Eng Acquisitions LLC, $125,000.

13 Silvestri Circle Unit 22: James T. Kelley to DSTM 2018 RT and Renee Privitera, $92,000.

15 Taryn Road: Gregg D. and Lynn M. Bragdon to Michael and Erin Gennetti, $361,000.

61 Walnut Hill Road: Steven J. and Kathryn Bennitt to Joshua Felice and Ashley Frasca, $352,000.

4 Westview Drive: Helen Park to Marie T. Marrero, $388,000.


6 Chartwell Court: John A. and Susan M. Quinn to Robert and Karen Mank, $415,000.

130 Fieldstone Drive Unit 130: Timothy J. Grady to 130 Fieldstone LLC, $213,533.

68 High Range Road: Scilingo FT and Jeffrey A. Scilingo to Richard B. Bensinger and Rebecca V. Musgrave, $688,000.

18 Holly Lane Unit 18: Manzi RET and Thomas A. Manzi to Joshua W. Lown and Whitney Shilton-Lown, $136,533.

21 Kelley Road: Richard and Dalena C. Matthews to Katie C. and Corey Burbidge, $445,000.

275 Nashua Road: Zane D. Sundquist to Mark Desrosiers, $303,000.

30 Olde Country Village Road Unit 30: Connolly Holdings LLC to David P. Guilmette, $193,000.

18 Ross Drive: Jennifer J. and Robert D. Carroll to Jay Benewit and Minlu Hu, $435,000.

58 Shasta Drive: Albert H. and Sheryl A. Johnson to Ryan P. Carufe and Alyssa M. Long, $394,933.

16 Teton Drive: Ronald J. and Diana C. Farwell to Kenneth M. Saunders, $345,000.

184 Winding Pond Road Unit 184: Eliana M. and Kevin J. McCarthy to Nancy and Vincent Zahornasky, $290,000.

N/a Lot 35-2: Brian C. and Michelle A. Healy to Remnir LLC, $410,000.


40 Burnham Road: Isaac and Jill L. Hamilton to Jeffrey and Holly Oliver, $1,100,000.

5 Candlewood Road: Richard J Messina RET and Richard J. Messina to Richard A. and Marianne Y. Hoffman, $619,000.

5 E. Nashua Road: Christopher J. and Leah E. Romanello to Adam B. and Chelsea L. Theran, $584,933.

16 Glendenin Road: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to John A. and Danielle K. Atilano, $794,933.

81 Governor Dinsmore Road: Richard A&H H Carter IRT and Richard A. Carter to Julie A. Davenport and Justin R. Hughes, $350,000.

106 North Lowell Road: Sharon R. and Jaffrey Dinopoulos to Shane and Jaime G. Slocum, $357,000.

34 Northland Road: David and Karen Kopf to Christopher and Leah E. Romanello, $750,000.

21 Sawtelle Road: Charles J. Cimalore to Stephen and Lindsey Freiner, $445,000.

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