38 Amherst Drive Unit 38: Ines R. Height to Robert J. Mairs, $305,000.

4 Beaver Road: Nathan Gibson to Walter S. Gifford, $357,533.

25 Berry St.: Charles E. Grecco to Paula M. and Antonio J. Sousa, $434,933.

2 Butternut Lane: Dennis P. and Nicole L. Poole to Zachary C. and Megan L. Hogan, $390,000.

25 Chester Road: Robie FT and Lisa A. Riley to Ashley D. Robbins and James J. Contonio, $214,933.

3 Cove Drive: Steven R. and Sarah M. Archambault to Arron R. and Katie A. Langevin, $425,000.

14 Cove Drive: Erik Guzzo to Shane D. Duque, $278,000.

10 Crescent St.: Chapman George Est. and Kimberly A. Ferranti to Dominic Fazio and Carole J. Mcmanus, $220,000.

46 Derryfield Road Unit L: Eugenios and Ariana Arfanakis to Ryan D. Languirand, $180,000.

36 Emerald Drive Unit R: Austin Levesque to Tim J. Destroismaisons, $225,000.

7 Fox Hollow Road: Daniel H. Ciarcia and Lisa A. Chase to Richard J. Depasquale, $385,000.

51 Frost Road: Louis M. and Colleen H. Dangelo to Carly M. Marazzi, $398,000.

29 Hubbard Hill Road: Erin K. Reusche and Emery P. Bickford to Armand Opperman, $350,000.

357 Island Pond Road: Joseph Levesque to Justin J. Arseanu and Shaylyn J. Arseneau, $406,133.

13 Juniper Road Unit L: Wayne and Catherine Rouleau to Ronald Crispo, $189,933.

Pinkerton St. Lot 169: Armand P. and Joyce Millette to Gail R. Restalli and Peter Sapatis, $127,000.

13 Upstone Lane: Thomas L. Rheault and Ann J. Cole-Rheault to Evelyn Atocha, $330,000.

N/A Lot 9-30-8: Nancy R. Maylor and John B. Malonson to Gregory E. Derosa and Melanie Derso, $378,000.


12 Columbia Drive Unit A: Edinger FT and Robert G. Edinger to Bobbi Jean, $258,000.

7 Currier Drive: Susan E. and Michael R. Chambers to Robert F. and Jessica D. Clough, $345,000.

6 Foxglove St.: James M. and Amy J. Seiler to Patrice L. and Earl W. Connelly, $399,933.

68 Hovey Road: Stephen P. and Julie L. Carkhuff to Johnathan N. and Stephanie Carkhuff, $210,000.

15 Moulton Drive: Todd & Marianne Nowell RET and Todd J. Nowell to Aka Property Buyers LLC, $204,000.

11 Mountain Home Road: HCH Holdings LLC to Kerlande Pharo-Louis and Jerome Mesius-Louis, $363,533.

254 Nashua Road: Maplelaef Software Inc to Bean Counters Properties, $360,000.

79 Old Derry Road: Cheryl A Herbert RET and Derek G. Herbert to Paul M. Fula and R A. Deoliveira-Fula, $369,000.

Route 102 Lot 4: Daniel&M E Swietlik LT and Daniel A. Swietlik to Thomas J. and Deborah J. Ludwig, $185,000.

N/A Lot 3-112: Robert J. and Dina A. Baratta to Scott A. Witkowski, $370,000.


6 Barker Road: Ashley V. and Julie A. Perkins to Matthew R. and Lindsay C. Croteau, $545,000.

47 Blossom Road: Wilmington T NA Tr to John A. and Lisa Berthold, $525,000.

9 Brookview Road Unit 9: Mcgurty 2015 FT and Thomas S. Mcgurty to James A. Donnelly and Alyse Mazarolle, $510,000.

3 Candlewood Road: Simpson FT and Kevin R. Simpson to Kyle and Ashley Moore, $700,000.

11 Chadwick Circle Unit 11: Range Road Estates LLC to Bradley S. and Roxanne Winslow, $510,000.

20 Chadwick Circle Unit 20: Range Road Estates LLC to Leo M. and Jeya Albert, $519,933.

Gaumont Road: Donna M. Boutin to John N. and Karen J. Sullo, $225,000.

3 Quail Run Road: Robert Bellavia to Shawn T. and Shannon L. Mcnamee, $600,000.

N/A Lot 2: Pearl L. Nickles to Jo Russ FT and Charles D. Carneglia, $200,000.


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