28 Amherst Drive Unit 28: Christopher A. and Brenna L. Baxter to Jonathan S. and Kristen N. Mandell, $275,000.

23 Barkland Drive: Daniel F. Hunt to Aaron Black and Anne M. Chick-Balck, $334,933.

14 Buttonwood Drive: USA VA to Zachary Phair, $185,600.

12 Concord Ave.: Robert D. Tuttle RET and Robert D. Tuttle to Keith R. Vaillancourt, $315,000.

90 East Broadway Unit 34: Kotsiras John G. Est and Deborah A. Johnson to Gage A. and Gage A. Morse, $91,800.

8 Elm St.: Iron Gate Properties LLC to Sixbysixty Properties LLC, $238,000.

20 Elwood Road: George and Nancy Perkins to Kristine Cleaver, $255,000.

3 English Range Road: Sammy Y. and Betty M. Mak to Patrick C. and Michelle E. Ferrera, $355,000.

13 Gordon Road: Jacqueline Cottier to Matthew Market Realty LLC, $135,000.

2 Mills Farm Circle Unit L: Shadene and Hannah E. Davis to Callie Soumas, $199,333.

160 North Shore Road Unit A: Arthur A. Ware and FHLM to MTGLQ Investors LP, $105,000.

10 Pine Isle Drive Unit E: Valerie A. Coski to Erica A. Giglio, $203,000.

Redfield Circle: Jose Riberiro to Tony Mars RET and Gregory Capano, $295,000.

9 Robin Road: Penny P. Guy to Joel and Elsie Wessner, $330,000.

14 S. Main St.: Gary P. and Stephanie P. Carpenter to Kelly Mahoney, $249,533.

3 Silvestri Circle Unit 9: Ursula Keighley RET and Ursula Keighley to James A. Murphy, $144,933

51 Steele Road: BR10 Lot LLC to Robert H. and Christina L. Baroni, $556,400.

7 Susan Drive Unit R: 4 Susan Drive LLC to William D. Chadbourne, $175,000.

60 West Broadway: Barry Cohoon Props LLC to Mammoth Properties LLC, $463,000.

80-1/2 West Broadway: 80 5 West Broadway LLC to Christopher and Louis F. Soares, $220,000.

9 Wright Road Unit 9: James R. Hardy to Gregory Long and Martina Masce, $295,000.


11 Coteville Road Unit A: Roberta L. Curdo to Gena L. and Logan L. Detour-Rowan, $215,000.

32 Fieldstone Drive Unit 32: Mark A. and Emily K. Finochiaro to Diane M. Malagodi, $200,000.

116 Fieldstone Drive Unit 116: Daniel A. and Carolyn M. Clark to Earle M. and Jessica M. Weigensberg, $199,000.

6 Haywood Road: Hawk 2016 T and Larry E. Hawk to Michael R. and Lindsay Joy, $440,000.

6 Litchfield Road: Scott and Kathy J. Cannella to Crystal Boulanger and Tiffany J. Hoisington, $179,933.

66 Mammoth Road: Alan L. Dary to David G. and Jennifer R. Wellman, $320,000.

7 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hldg to Nicholas S. and Amanda L. Nault, $509,333.

8 Old Coach Road: Paul J. and Paula J. Brassard to James D. Leary, $355,000.

61 Old Nashua Road Unit 63: Myers Elsa L Est and Stuart F. Myers to Daniel Robichaud and Walter W. Cashdollar, $148,000.

73 Rockingham Road: Tior Realty LLC to 73 Rockingham LLC, $665,000.

24 Tanager Way: Jamie J. Reynolds to Donald M. and Karolina T. Smith, $465,000.

32 Winterwood Drive Unit 32: Thomas J. Okeeffe to Paula Frederick, $240,000.

1 Winthrop Road: Leo J. Brouillard to James Gebo and Kyle Segal, $185,000.

N/a: Lussier FT and Paul A. Lussier to Raymond J. and Lisa M. Capistran, $529,000.


19 Dunraven Raod: KCL Homes LLC to Jason E. and Kristen M. Sudati, $994,400.

149 Londonderry Road: Stephen P. and Shannon M. Crowley to Gomes FT and Jorge R. Gomes, $440,000.

6 Ludlow Road: Sudati FT and Jason E. Sudati to Bryan P. and Lyndi Green, $650,000.

8 Misty Meadow Road Unit 8: Douglas May 2019 RET and Douglas D. May to Charles J. and Bonnie J. Walsh, $490,000.

14 Rocky Ridge Road: David Mattke-Robinson and Krystyn Mattke to Scott and Amy Murray RET and Scott R. Murray, $439,000.

1 Squire Armour Road: Hussain Aleem RET and Tahir H. Aleem to Amit Kumar-Sharma and Albina Kibirova, $600,000.

9 Telo Road: Laurie L. Martinchick RET and Laurie L. Martinchick to Stephen J. Lombardo and Christina R. Moran, $439,933.

N/a Lot 3a586: Anthony M. and Susan J. Bernabei to Roberto Esposito RET and Robert Esposito, $675,000.             

This Week's Circulars