Arrowhead Road Lot 233: Sean and Tanya Lebroda to Michael M. Moore, $405,000.

34 Berry Road: Derek M. Sousa to Derek M. Souza and Chelsea L. States, $103,466.

16 Buttonwood Drive: Michael P. Biron to Megan E. and Cory D. Spencer, $468,200.

8 Concord Ave.: John W. and Deborah L. Edney to Daniel J. Rivers and Allyson C. Mcavoy, $315,000.

6 Desforge Lane Unit R: Michael H. Sargent and Deanna A. Connors to William M. Quirke, $238,733.

64 English Range Road: White Joint RET and Orson White to Nicole M. and Carolann Tilbe, $310,000.

4 Gordon Road: Raymond S. and Kristina J. Brown to Anthony D. Gentile, $335,000.

Hampstead Road: Michael and Anna Church to Matthew S. and Melissa A. Evans, $300,000.

Island Pond Road: Gabrielle Ahmilton and Gregory S. Hamilton to Nicholas A. and Mary E. Chiccarelli, $275,000.

2 Morrison Road: Michael and Anna Church to Matthew S. and Melissa A. Evans, $300,000.

40 Old Chester Road Unit 139-1: Kevin L. and Kathryn N. Coyle to Robert S. and Jennifer L. Carrier, $500,000.

4 Pembroke Drive Unit 3: Lillian F. Long and Lauren A. Karakhanian to Mark R. and Theresa A. Berube, $95,000.

Perley Road: Leslie J Mckaba RET and Leslie J. Mckaba to Tiana Nelson, $202,000.

2 Pingree Hill Road: White Joint RET and Orson White to Nicole M. and Carolann Tilbe, $310,000.

86 Scobie Pond Road: Doherty FT and James P. Doherty to Michael G. Sargent and Deanna A. Connors, $339,000.

17 Sunnyside Lane Unit L: Normn M. and Mary-Alice Duchene to Mark J. Demaree, $240,000.

5 Tsienneto Road Unit 89: Carole A. Cameron to Gina Korpal and Patrice A. Ranno, $257,000.

4 Valerie Lane: B&T Development LLC to Clancy Main and Shannon Dow, $539,933.

26 Wentworth Lane: Jeremy Forest and Christina E. Frost to Bhumi M. and Mitul N. Patel, $380,000.


8 Acropolis Ave.: John R. Troncellito to Ilya and Sasha Demba, $420,000.

Beech Hl Ests Lot 6: Ralph W. and Colleen A. Robinson to Peter G. Babonis and Marissa J. Jenko, $392,000.

3 Crackling Log Lane Unit 105: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Jeffrey P. and Cheryl A. Boyle, $528,800.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 4: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Kristine Rentschler, $630,200.

32 Hall Road: Zolton Call and Orsolya Gail to Joshua Sobozenski and Suzane Killey, $375,000.

8 High Range Road: Stone FT and Sandra K. Stone to Edison A. Villa, $355,000.

11 Kim Ave.: Kenneth G. and Sally D. Gilbride to Brian D. Shen and Ashlie J. Shea, $380,000.

531 Mammoth Road: Gregory B. and Emily C. Kilgore to Christian Kabambi-Kabemba and S. Mwisange-Kabemba, $345,000.

Meetinghouse Drive Lot 11-33: Amy A. and David G. Simpson to Noah N. Fallo, $499,933.

Mercury Drive: Donna J Charbonneau RET and Donna J. Charbonneau to Cynthia L. Bisson, $375,000.

113 Old Derry Road: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Steven Beattie and Bryanna Floyci, $366,000.

445 Pendleton Lane: Mosher RET and Karen Costello-Mosher to Thomas P. and Lise K. Duggan, $486,000.

4 Phillips Brook Lane Unit 4: Gregory B. Clarke and Theresa J. Rios to Robert and Sarah Woodbury, $510,000.

184 Rockingham Road: Sovereign Rlty Dev Corp to Rock Road LLC, $1,600,000.

60 Shasta Drive: David and Christine D. Iarrobino to Justin A. Lamoureux, $410,000.

74 Trail Haven Drive Unit 74: Michael J. and Carol Iacopino to John M. and Donna M. Pellenz, $375,000.

32 Wiley Hill Road: George J. and Kathleen K. Cutting to Brian Gundersen and Andrea I. Debiase, $680,000.

23 Windsor Blvd: Leblanc FT and Karen A. Leblanc to Jennifer L. and James Langley, $390,000.

78 Winterwood Drive Unit 78: Maryanne A. Brown to Connor A. Russell, $230,000.

13 Woodhenge Cir.: Lisa M. Biederwerfer to Diana and Robert Dion, $425,000.

Woodland Village Condo Unit 42: Jason M. Hearsch to Roberta Emerson, $130,000.

N/a Lot 9-9-21: Brian R. and Melissa A. Robinson to Matthew J. and Lauren M. Lucasiewicz, $425,000.


25 Abbott Road: Deborah A. and Randy Casey to Brian Haight and Olivia Casey, $300,000.

27 Beacon Hill Road: Eugene T. and Carole T. Tyrrell to Alex and Jessica T. Kim, $608,000.

12 Candlewood Road: Douglas C. and Sandra P. Mcallister to Jorge L. Espinoza and Rana Q. Alzoubi, $810,000.

139 Castle Hill Road: Richard J. Florino to Corey and Deanna Carter, $435,000.

Chadwick Pl Condo: Range Road Estates LLC to Hamid Zohdi RET and Hamid Zohdi, $470,000.

Cobbetts Pond Lot 35, 36: Caren B. Lipkin-Rifkin to James A. and Joanne M. Camire, $500,000.

Cobbins Hts Lot 21c253: Richard R. and Donna L. Mignault to Zachary A. Kysar, $584,933.

8 Colchester Road: Ralph J. Feole to Chris and Jeanette Alexandrou, $715,000

28 E. Nashua Road: Christopher M. and Jami R. Vetter to Corine Cetoute, $1,260,000.

5 Faith Road: Philip E. and Jennifer A. Lochiatto to Paul M. and Amanda M. Lizotte, $559,000.

4 Golfview Road: Anton J. and Donna M. Miller to Laura K Cortese RET and Laura K. Cortese, $873,000.

25 Highclere Road: Ruby Holdings LLC to Robert and Danielle Goldfarb, $745,800.

Johnson Road Lot 22: Jon N. and Michelle C. Strasburger to Matthew J. and Melissa M. Nadeau, $485,000.

13 Lavender Lane: Windham Marbkehead Prop to Scott A. Mcfeely and Cindy A. Mcfeeley, $250,000.

4 Leeds Road: John and Emia Bassi to Robert J Grant LT and Robert Grant, $265,000.

56 Londonderry Road: Peter A. and Sandra M. Bistany to Paola Franco and Zhozmyn Levy, $425,000.

3 Meetinghouse Road: Pawtucket Road Landholdings to Brian and Danielle Shih, $629,933.

7 Moeckel Road: Bell Barbara E Est and Kimberly A. Mcclellan to John Lanzafame, $290,000.

7 Patricia St.: Roger M&J M Rouleau FT and Roger M. Rouleau to Kristopher and Katelyn Priestley, $365,000.

24-A Range Road: Conor Timmins to Robert Webb, $254,000.

5 Sirod Road: Kevin R. and Suzzane L. Liddell to M20 Re Holdings LLC, $330,000.

5 Stacey Cir. Unit 5: Arsenio and Adriane Simoes to Jennifer C. and Carol Dickerson, $322,000.

53 Stacey Cir. Unit 53: Daniel F. Incropera to Paul and Patricia Curley, $300,000.

N/A: Trevor and Ashley Jeanson to George A. and Mary I. Reagan, $464,000.

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