18 Bayberry Lane: Michelle M. Desousa and Liam J. Curry to Michael J. Pereira and Amy A. Wales, $606,133.

16 Beacon Hill Road: Gerald P. and Julie M. Brown to Matthew Bono, $425,000.

5 Bowers Road: Corvallis LLC to Dylan W. Fielding, $297,000.

4 Clark St.: John P. Dowd to Michael W. and John J. Carco, $295,000.

15 Craven Terrance: Joseph Woods to Andrew Mahn, $382,533.

63 Drew Road: Sangchul Lee to Jared L. Kupidura and Samantha E. Yohn, $554,533.

92 East Broadway Unit 26: Beverly A. Mckie and Philip M. Spofford to 2 Daniel Road LLC, $120,000.

5-B Gayle Drive: Michael J. Pereira to Robin Haywood, $291,000.

239 Hampstead Road: Mcdowell Patrick L Est. and Karen S. Digregori to David Gardner, $305,000.

12 Indian Hill Road Unit R: Pamela and Bobbie DelPozo-Waldron to Thomas and Olga Deleo, $370,933.

22 Lilly Lane Unit 22: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Linda G. and Gary A. Jacob, $587,400.

16 Maple St.: Ajit Kumar to 16 Maple St LLC, $885,000.

North Shore Road: 21st Century Dev Corp to Residential Assisted Lvng, $1,425,000.

42 Scenic Drive Unit R: Kaila A. Harb to Kerry A. Gibbons, $258,400.

N/A: Richard and Diana M. Mullen to Richard J. Ward, $455,000.



30 Alexander Road: Grenier FT and Donald M. Grenier to Ban Pich and Kunthea Lim, $420,000.

99 Auburn Road: Charles G. and Laurie A. Torosian to Jonathan F. Ford and Juanita A. Alvarado, $435,000.

5 Braeburn Road: Belize RE Holdings LLC to Derek and Amanda Danna, $558,000.

77 Gilcreast Road Unit 2000: Chandra S. Vadlamudi to J&R Realty LLC, $158,750.

13 Harvest Moon Road Unit 22: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Dow FT and Raymond J. Dow, $613,066.

Tokanel Drive: Nancy Borkum-Ornsteen to Northpeak Prop Solutions, $321,000.

33 Tokanel Drive: Jeffrey A. and Michele D. Parker to Denise M. Maglio, $485,000.





35 North Lowell Road: 21st Century Dev Corp to Residential Assisted Lvng, $825,000.   

9 Braemar Road Unit 9: Sherry A. Dunham and Debra A. Decaro to Andrea J. Scheffer, $265,533.

47 Cobbetts Pond Road: Laura Waters-Blanchette to Matthew and Angeline Waters, $460,000.

32 Glendenin Road: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Cheuk H. Chan and Chunling Cong, $250,000.

18 Grandview Road: David J. and Patricia A. King to Michele Polletta and Afsaneh Sabouri, $718,000.

Londonderry Road: Alan D. Passler to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $175,000.

2 Netherwood Road: Netherwood RET and Timothy J. Moore to Corey M. and Laura M. Moore, $550,000.

58 Sheffield St.: Carl D. and Sharon E. Dalessandro to Nicole Ridcout and Michael Rideout, $925,000.

5 Sirod Road: M20 RE Holdings LLC to Chad A. Bolly, $459,266.



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