Bedard Ave.: Jae H. and Eun S. Choi to Melecio B. and Christy L. Flores, $360,000.

Brightside Drive Lot 39: Noel Vargas to Jennifer L. Mansfield and Cary M. Rosen, $252,000.

7 Chester Road Unit 301: Benjamin Chase Mill Condo to Matthew S. and Roger Lafontaine, $255,000.

25 Derryfield Road Unit R: Jennifer M. Gagnon to Jillian E. Michaud, $200,000.

140 Hampstead Road: Bruno M. and Sarah L. Soucy to Albert E. and Brenda L. Bruce, $490,000.

30 Kristin Drive: Daniel M. and Julie A. Wood to Gloria J. Pinard, $40,000.

Lenox Road: Travis Snell to Kenneth and Tunde Eyring, $355,000.

17 Meadowbrook Road: Patrick B. and Dorothy L. Butler to Michael J. Kearney, $489,000.

9 Myles Drive Unit 9: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to David&Robin Gelinas FT and David J. Gelinas, $479,000.

Perley Road Lot E: EKMK Assoc LP to David and Cheryl Craft, $19,000.

Perley Road Lot E: David and Cheryl Craft to Melissa Durkin, $261,000.

3 Silvestri Circle Unit 10: Janet H. Robinson to Kenneth Yeung, $156,533.

3 Tsienneto Road Unit 35: Leona R Dubois RET and Leona R. Dubois to Elias Gerjes, $128,000.


111-I Capitol Hill Drive Unit 111: Brian P. and Evan E. Morrissey to Amanda M. Ingersoll, $132,000.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 79: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Eugene J. Rogers, $558,133.

43 Fieldstone Drive Unit 43: Catherine M. Cote to LP 182 RT and Robert L. Allen, $130,000.

22 Horseshoe Lane: Gerard F. and Cindy Grigas to Ryan V. Odonnell and Renee Grigas, $420,000.

69 Old Nashua Road Unit 54: Laura Faucon to Robert Quartarone, $229,533.

82 Pillsbury Road: Frank Mirisola to Roussell Souza, $405,000.

4 Silas Rock Drive: Jemco Proeprties LLC to Jeremy R. and Christine S. Richardson, $727,733.


10 Braemar Road Unit 10: Matthew D. Law to Muhenad Samaan and Grace Youseff, $303,000.

39 Horseshoe Road: Joseph Clancey to Aaron V. Deangelo, $450,000.

81 Searles Road: Heidi Heath to Matthew R. and Amanda S. Ruggiero, $780,000.


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