Drew Road: Traverse 2018 T and Leo J. Traverse to Brittany and Leo Traverse, $300,000.

14 Indian Hill Road Unit R: Maureen Miranda to Matthew C. and Giovanna Drohan, $375,000.

19 Rollins St.: Michael Garone to David Abraham and Kim Abhram, $325,000.

1 Silvestri Circle Unit 18: Madco Properties LLC to KB Holdings Co LLC, $117,533.

4 Sunnyside Lane Unit R: Gregory G. and Delia A. Davis to Mario D. Lemus-Velez and Carolyn J. Leahy, $226,533.

164 Warner Hill Road: Almedo T and Dale Halchak to John&Karen Manelas RET and John A. Manelas, $160,000.


Constuction Drive Lot 9: Dawn Dufresne to C Andrew Donovan, $121,933.

16 Crestview Circle Unit 192: Stephen G. and Karen M. Lefoley to John and Jennie Gertsch, $210,000.

197 Fieldstone Drive Unit 197: Benjamin M. and Lena K. Mason to Israel and Elizabeth A. Rosario, $219,000.

9 Poplar Circle: Joseph and Faith Mangum to Ryan M. and Sherrill Giroux, $440,000.

N/A Lot 21-35: Jonathan D. and Kimberly A. Riel to Jessica L. Sharpe and Travis A. Gelinas, $340,000.


25 Edinburgh Road: Niraj and Ruchi G. Agarwal to Ashabha I. Lansakara and Chathurika M. Rathnayake, $580,000.

Heritage Hill Road: Nancy L. Core to John P. and Leslie Doherty, $460,000.

21 Kendall Pond Road: Mirisola FT and Paul Mirisola to Edward S. Guide and Lauren E. Mirisola, $383,000.

46 Sheffield St.: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Colby U. Garrpy and Megan C. Garrapy, $692,000.

N/A Lot 19: Christopher R. and Tia L. Bergeron to Marylyn and Albert Todd, $85,000.

N/A Lot 3: Mark J. and Anne S. Mcsweeney to Arthur T. and Cathleen T. Tsetsilas, $460,000.

N/A Lot 6c103: GBS Walkers Woods Dev Co to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $156,000.

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