1 Birchwood Drive: Juan Infante and Melissa Inafante to Kaila A. Harb and Patricia A. Zembruski, $460,000.

12 Blueberry Road Unit R: Philip Moricone to Megan and David Hill, $325,000.

7 Chester Road Unit 106: Derek D. and Suzanne M. Desrochers to Eric Collins, $320,000.

74 Derryfield Road Unit L: Daniel W. and Cathy A. Matarozzo to Andrew Scola, $250,000.

3 Doris St.: TPCB FT and Gregory Leduc to Gianna Robinson, $414,000.

4 Fairfax Ave. Unit 164: Oliveto Lary A Est and Gina Burke to Victoria Salvatore and Christopher Bradley, $155,000.

65 Fordway Ext. Unit 3204: Clare Landers RET and Clare Landers to Lorraine Hall, $225,000.

66 Frost Road: Steven J Emanuelli RET and Steven J. Emanuelli to Kathleen S. Dimaio and Eric C. Lheureux, $365,000.

30 Kingsbury St.: Amy M. and Michael K. Dermody to Luis A. and Stephanie M. Colon, $380,000.

8 Overlook Drive Unit R: Gianna A. Robinson and Rich Metellus to Eric J. and Elise R. Pelletier, $255,000.

22 Pingree Hill Road: Daniel and Monica Leclair to Matthew T. and Heather Mcdonald, $385,000.

42 Redfield Circle: Soroko FT and Kirsten J. Soroko to Lynn H. and Teresa S. Brown, $447,000.

91 Scobie Pond Road: Brian and Caitlin Schiffer to Jose Perez-Chavez, $460,000.

7 Sheldon Road: Kevin J. and Theresa Sherman to Jonathan S. and Meaghan L. Harvey, $680,000.

14 Sundown Drive Unit A: Jonathan S. and Meaghan L. Harvey to Michael R. and Matthew T. Brown, $276,000.

46 Tsienneto Road: Luis A. Cabrera to Cansu and Recep Yurduseven, $521,000.

30 Walnut Hill Road: Darlene J. Townsend and Gail Guertin to John D. Mattheson and Heather L. Hamilton, $450,000.

12 Wildwood Drive: Christian Borrero-Colon to Jamie C. Phaup and Tracy N. Stephens, $290,000.


Apple Blossom Drive: Robert W. and Susan T. Maher to W T Bristol Sr LT and William T. Bristol, $508,000.

27 Bartley Hill Road: Christine A. and Samuel Tarquinio to Richard A. and Andrea C. Gomez, $380,000.

12 Colonial Drive: Brian D. and Nancy J. Sullivan to Nadia and Massimo Palladino, $496,600.

4 Crestview Circle Unit 103: John T. and Gretchen L. Mourtgos to Joshua T. Dupont, $235,133.

18 Crestview Circle Unit 215: Peter J. Biondo and William J. Bernard to Richard F. and Virginia A. Connors, $237,533.

15 Davis Drive: Kathleen M. and Timothy L. Mckenney to Jillian R. and Anthony R. Coco, $484,000.

5 George Ave.: George Tinker RT and Peter J. Vetri to KDPC LLC, $900,000.

54 Grenier Field Road: JFD Realty Inc to 2208 Clay St Invest LLC, $4,482,533.

Kendallwood Condo Unit 26: Bethany R. Macintosh to Mauricio Yurrita, $79,933.

48 Litchfield Road: Willem and Jenifer L. Suckow to Ibtisam Azri, $575,000.

90 Litchfield Road: Bridget Kilgore-Prugh to Clive M. Reid and Brittany J. Beauregard, $455,000

158 South Rd: Kings Rd Development LLC to Brian and Xiao Chen, $569,933.

3 Willow Lane: Allison Deptula to Peter J. Cullen, $461,000.

13 Wilson Road: Blaine T. and Azaria J. Dorman to Mark T. and Katrina Dupuis, $875,000.


8 Castle Hill Road: Aaryn French to Qian Gao and Aaron Cook, $575,000.

4 Gardner Road: Jerilyn Anne Nadeau T and Jerilyn A. Nadeau to Matthew J. and Alyssa M. Ronan, $731,000.

29 Gordon Mountain Road Unit 29: Downing FT and Laura M. Downing to Onathan J. and Julie A. Kaplan, $465,000.

Indian Rock Road Lot D: John X Doherty RET and John X. Doherty to J Ann Ansaldi 2000 RET and Janet A. Ansaldi, $1,583,000.

9 Millstone Road: Fitzgerald FT and Matthew M. Fitzgerald to Craig J. Fitzgerald and Laura M. Bello, $475,000.

12 Mountain Village Road Unit 12: Linda S. Connors to Gerardo A. Cammarano, $475,000.

1 Prescott Road: D&M Demers RE Invs LLC to Rochelle Perera and Kanishka Wijayasiri, $1,300,000.

25 Squire Armour Road: Vincent P. and Stavroula P. Troisi to Shreya Sridhar and Viraj R. Kulkarni, $781,000.


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