10 Blackberry Road Unit 10A: Joseph K. and Erin Harris to Leonard Camara, $259,333.

76 Chester Road: Kevin C. Scott to Gloria C. Scott, $20,000.

4 Doris St.: Ritchie A. Philippon to Denise A. Hodgdon, $375,000.

4 Fairfax Ave. Unit 144: Douglas Beaton to Robert C. Morgo, $138,533.

317 Island Pond Road Unit L: Laura L. Lambert to John J. Price, $236,533.

16 Jefferson St.: Derek T. and Cindy M. Moniz to Anupam Saini, $300,000.

Mcgregor St.: Michael R. Selling and Karen L. Murphy to Mcgregor Street LLC, $470,000.

81 North High St. Unit 4: Maureen A. Kingery to Charles A. and Maria M. Palazzolo, $285,000.

21 Newells Meadow Lane Unit 21: Lawrence J. Guros to Christine M. Beard, $250,000.

5 Newhouse Drive: Matthew and Jennifer Miceli to Garrett S. and Amanda N. Gage, $360,000.

1 Noyes Road: Peter Foskitt to Tara M. and Calvin J. Daly, $400,000.

2 Nutmeadow Lane: Brandon A. Comeau to Habiba ElHajji, $375,000.

Oakwood Condo Unit 6: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to James T. and Kathleen A. Michalek, $550,133.

10 Sunset Ave.: Newrez LLC to 3 Wishes LLC, $242,600.

N/A: Carrie A. Cokely to Jesseny J. Whitehouse, $290,000.


116 Chase Road: Gannon FT and Ann J. Crowley to David Corn and Maria Manning, $380,000.

Cross Farm Condo Unit 53: Cross Farm Dev LLC to William J. and Linda M. Ruelle, $489,000.

26 Fairway Road Unit A: Erika Finnegan to Audrey V. Pike and Meghan Haley, $255,000.

8 Heron Drive: Edward A. and Linda M. Baker to Lindsey K. and Matthew T. Whelan, $471,000.

11 Lantern Lane: Dominick R. and Carol A. Aquilini to Phil E. and Cynthia A. Babcock, $420,000.

49 Lawson Farm Road: Gary M. and Julie Cowles to Ryan and Hannah Aghdam, $775,000.

5 Manasquan Circle: Christopher and Adriana M. Komst to Patrick and Ann Chaffe, $495,000.

Old Nashua Road: Thomas P. Simonelli to Michael L. Nalen and Susan D. Strickland, $294,800.

8 Rossini Road: Kristina Hughes and Kristina F. Mcfadries to Kevin and Miriam Perault, $540,000.

3 School House Road Unit 3: Cartus Financial Corp to Janice E. Banfield and Charles Windhausen, $551,000.

18 Seasons Lane: Peck RT and James D. Peck to Kelsey and Steven Neubauer, $495,000.

22 Tyler Drive: Stephen F. Seeley to Brad J. and Anne E. Forsythe, $540,000.

89 West Road: Michael Davis to Michael A. and Jennifer T. Cutuli, $415,000.

131 West Road: Dubois 2018 T and John F. Dubois to Jennifer J. Lambert, $410,000.

10 Windsor Blvd.: Ryan Fisher to Kara and Timothy Cava, $515,000.

Woodcrest Drive: Derek E. Cabral to Stacey L. Cabral, $140,000.

N/A Lot 65-72: Sobol FT and Joseph M. Sobol to Brandan J. and Valerie S. Leahy, $420,000.


40 Bear Hill Road: Stephen M. and Nicole E. Bubb to Ahmad and Randa Barakat, $805,000.

Chadwick Place Condo Unit 15: Range Road Estate LLC to Paula A. and Wade S. Tucker, $496,400.

Chapin Road: K P Bergeron Dev LLC to Ted S. Renda, $960,000.

21 Edinburgh Road: Kevin P Migliozzi RET and Kevin P. Migliozzi to Joshua and Michelle M. Sunday, $727,000.

5 Gillis Road: Kimberly J. and James Galipeau to Arlindo Anderson, $439,933.

23 Highclere Road: Ruby Holdings LLC to Todd and Stephanie Osiek, $894,533.

44 Marblehead Road: James W. and Susan A. Clarke to Carl J. and Patricia C. Provost, $665,000.

1 Marden Road: Holly Manzo to Michael White-Pastori and Cynthia A. Pastori, $750,000.

46 Mitchell Pond Road: Eugene A. and Robin-Sue Desimone to Jin B. Lin, $658,200.

25 Nottingham Road Mark A. and Bridget E. Swift to Meagan L. and Jason P. Chrobak, $630,000.

Route 111 Lot 2: Donald R Leclair RET and Donald R. Leclair to 28 Haverhill Rd Rlty LLC, $170,000.

19 Simpson Road: Daniel J. and Regina M. Rubery to Evan Fotopoulos, $550,000.

13 Spring St.: Michael and Sheri Wheeler to Ryan and Kristin Sawyer, $790,000.

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