36 Ridgewood Drive Unit 36: Brian M. and Lyndsay A. Pare to Robert and Jeanne Gariepy, $350,000.

N/A Unit A1: Russell G Kinnear RET and Russell G. Kinnear to Scott & G Bilodeau Lt and Scott T. Bilodeau, $1,300,000.


52 Abbey Road Unit 52: Brenda Demaria to Franchesca Demaria, $340,000.

Crawley Falls Road: N&v Lemoine RET and Kevin Lemoine to Mark Vtremallo RET and Mark V. Tremallo, $600,000.


33 Arabian Way: Janet I. Lake to Bradley Burton, $640,000.

15 Chester St.: Mary A Gesel RET and Therese Gesel-Towne to Tatiana D. and John Saco, $760,000.


2 Back Road: F B G & R K Griffin Ft and Robert C. Griffin to T&m Development LLC, $180,000.

51 Cheney Lane Unit C: Kevin J. and Maureen P. Garcia to Holly and Nicholas Devivo, $400,000.

92 Kingston Road: Stanley J. and Sally A. Sepka to Celeste Y. and Cameron Richardson, $380,000.

280 Long Pond Road: Alessandro and Angela Fuchs to Kristina Bourque and Charles Helwig, $506,000.


23 Barkland Drive: Aaron and Anne M. Black to Tyler B. Halstead and Katelyn Newcomb, $501,533.

65 Fordway Ext. Unit 1108: Jean P. and Jacqueline Lavoie to Paula J. Beverage and John O. Pothier, $290,000.

65 Fordway Ext. Unit 1211: Jing X. Yang to Carmelina Chreiten, $316,000.

Hillside Ave.: Robert Contraros to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $160,000.

2 Pembroke Drive Unit 12: Michal and Sokhoeun Malinowski to Radoslaw and Justyna Malinowski, $182,000.

South Ave.: Ian and Colleen Weeks to Brendan Bunker and Madalyn Caiado, $405,000.

N/A: Dana Desimone and Mark Bryand to Jessica Brooke Forbes RET and Jessica B. Forbes, $795,000.


15 Cricket Hill Road: Betty A. Brickley to David Leonard and Deborah Vaccaro, $500,000.


81 Apple Way: Mary and Steven Cusack to Thomas M. and Lorraine A. Denman, $589,000.

16 Debbi Lane: Kari & S Bettencourt Ft and Stephen D. Bettencourt to Marcus and Ashley Chase, $630,000.

138 Exeter Road Unit 10: Dylan Dinwiddie to John J Collins Jr T and John J. Collins, $320,000.

116 Railroad Ave.: Kenneth R. and Cindy S. Knight to Allison M. Brown and Samuel H. Baggaley, $315,000.


61 Acadia Lane Unit 403: Grace Ft and Donna Kiley to Acadia Lane RET and Jason Nawrocki, $475,000.

21 Downing Ct. Unit 21: Carrie Martinez to Chelsey and Ethan Sheppard, $407,533.

16 Hampton Falls Road: Christine C. Hamel to Alden Finver and Emily Finn, $435,000.

32 Hampton Road: Linda L. Klem to Lorna A. Boucher Morgan, $885,000.

17 Little Pine Lane: Gerard E. and Paula J. Hamel to Rachel M. Woodward and Alexander D. Budd, $684,933.

6 Sterling Hill Lane Unit 635: Brian E Fitzgerald RET and Brian E. Fitzgerald to Charles P. De Feo, $445,000.

24 Wiley Creek Road Unit 206: Peter L. Kamford and Jolanta Zonca to John W. Mahoney, $512,000.

32 Willey Creek Road Unit 408: Ray Farm LLC to Gary L. and Linda P. Sullivan, $654,800.


105 Brown Hill Road: William and Theresa Dunn to S&h Walker Woods Hldg LLC, $170,000.

Main St.: Wilmington Svgs Fund Sco and Andrew G. Hebert to Wilmington Svgs Fund Sco, $380,000.

74 Maple Ave.: Andrew and Alexzhondrah Adamo to Nicholas Johnson, $582,400.

35 Marilyn Park Drive: Swen A. Larsen to Elizabeth Doyle and Matthew Neal, $545,000.

10 Wash Pond Road: Gabrielle and Daniel J. Campbell to Anthony J. Pennacchio and Sarah J. Martini, $531,000.


48 Birch Road Unit 29: Caruso Yvonne Zoe Est and Michelle Caruso to Patrick Gillis and Emily M. Ronco, $325,000.

55 Glade Path: Carlsbad S. Diego to Hoang L. Bui, $727,000.

430 High St.: Chateau Sylvia LLC to Victoria Inn Inc, $1,500,000.

199 North Shore Road: Krystyna Mazzaglia RET and Hedwig Matuszewski to Michael J. and Laurie P. Miamis, $1,115,000.

28-30 Thorwald Ave.: Martin Husslage and Julianne Stoughton to Nicholas T. Terzakis, $866,533.

13 Tuttle Ave.: Richard W. and Cathy A. Mosher to Richard Sheehan, $485,000.


69 Amesbury Road: Charles W. and Carol A. Lane to Brett A. Charleston, $300,000.


10 Diamond Oaks Blvd. Unit 6: Diamond Oaks Golf Clb LLC to Robert F. Heslar and Valerie Saleem-Heslar, $240,000.

75 Exeter Road: Deschenes Lt and Dawn M. Lesage to Bryce Staley and Christina Lopez, $571,000.


5 Clover Lane: Lorden Commons LLC to Steven and Mary Cusack, $731,733.

16 Crestview Circle Unit 192: John and Jennie Gertsch to Courtney Dunnells, $295,000.

21 Dianna Road: Nicholas N. and Millie Martin to Laura A. Caristi, $565,000.

242 High Range Road: Smb Investments LLC to Emily and Christopher Ingham, $422,000.

18 King George Drive: Joseph M. and Abigail R. Mccune to Mary Baker, $615,000.

7 Merlin Place: Solid Gold Inv Group LLC to Daniel and Sheila J. Pelczar, $453,000.

9 Preserve Drive: Jaime R. and Mariel Aranzabal to Jaisal Pragani and Rose Laignel, $900,000.

8 Wedgewood Drive: Beth Claffie RET and Beth A. Claffie to Robert S. and Julia A. Lowe, $490,000.


No Transactions in this Town


866 Bridge St.: Anthony J. Bonarrigo to Dylan P. Woodland, $280,000.

20 Crescent Circle: Curyk Kenneth J Est and Jessica A. Girginis to David C. and Samantha H. Park, $520,000.

247 Main St.: Pv Limited Partnership to Ghd Realty LLC, $700,000.

383 Mammoth Road: Heidi-Anne F. Albee to Sharon Dones, $689,000.

56 Nashua Road: New Wave Diversifiedllc to John Lever, $510,000.

Wildwood Road Unit 9-135-: Kds Propertisllc to Jessica K. Reid, $871,933.


6 Crane Crossing Road: Patrick J. and Melinda A. Carey to Jeffrey E. and Nicole L. Nadeau, $357,000.

10 Crane Crossing Road: Jeffrey E. and Nicole L. Nadeau to Dennis T. Slattery and Amanda Barry, $291,000.

11 Laperle Ave.: Soriano Mary Rose Est and Raymond Richard to April Divirgillio, $439,000.

7 Timberlane Road: Richard M. and Gayle A. Murphy to Top Shelf Properties LLC, $210,000.


13 Bonnano Road: Ntc Real Development LLC to John C. and Carol Brouse, $10,000.

12 Braemoor Woods Road Unit 402: Jennie & S J Autiello Irt and Elisa V. Oconnor to Dawn M. Dagata, $448,133.

99 Old Rockingham Road: Louis P Lantagne RET and John A. Lantagne to David P Lantagne RET and David P. Lantagne, $332,533.

338 Shore Drive: Ntc Real Development LLC to John C. and Carol Brouse, $10,000.

3 Union St.: Daron T. St Jean to Ryan Donahue, $350,000.

N/A: Magner RT and Christine R. Magner to Tracy P & C L Sprance RET and Tracy P. Sprance, $741,000.


No Transactions in this Town


No Transactions in this Town


7 Alder St.: W & Judith Newcomb RET and William G. Newcomb to Brandon H. and Nadezhda Saliba, $876,000.

32 Doiron Road: Aragon Investments LLC to Erik M. Allen, $750,000.

5 Telo Road: Minghuang Zhang and Rui Li to Yan Jiang, $650,000.

28 West Shore Road: Foresight Investment Inc to Brianna Deremer and Benjamin Santos, $699,800.

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