4 Anna Circle Unit 4: Patricia R. Allen 2016 RET and Patricia R. Allen to James M. Medaglia and Jillian M. Sgroi, $308,000.

2 Ballard View Circle: Shawn E. and Zarah A. Roubian to Alfred Vega and Carmen Hinostroza, $479,000.

18 Bayberry Lane: Regina L. Coel to Liam J. Curry and Michelle M. Dusousa, $496,000.

3 Bisbee Circle: Cynthia Aucoin to Joseph A. Mcdougall, $289,933.

20 Brian Ave. Unit R: Marc A. May to Justin M. Burnett, $241,000.

6 Cole Road: Philip E. and Karen A. Wasilak to Michael J. Fernandez, $289,000.

7 Cunningham Drive: Robert E. Patteson to Linda and Greg R. Girard, $309,000.

88 Derryfield Road Unit L: Melissa J. Mahoney to Scott E. and Katherine E. Rowe, $153,000.

15 Franklin St.: Earl C. Freeman to Ronald W. and Stephanie G. Barry, $285,000.

24 Gulf Road: Kalicharan V. and Nagamohini Durgampudi to Michael Shruban and Nicole Shruhan, $625,000.

379 Island Pond Road: Roneisha S. Charles to Dylan M. and Briana K. Collins, $290,000.

24 Juniper Road Unit R: Amy Bertrand to Meaghan E. Devita, $215,000.

54 Lane Road: Mcmaster Development LLC to Angelina Adames, $537,933.

5 Mount Pleasant St.: Clement Laplante to Peak Premises LLC, $179,933.

Old Chester Road: Craig A. Fowler to Larry and Catherine H. Guevarra, $550,866.

12 Perley Road Unit 11: Maria D. Summa to Qurtimiya M. Bonds, $215,000.

13 Redfield Circle: Debra Farrar to Graham Lockwood and Jesslyn Covino, $350,000.


48 Boulder Drive Unit 48: Patrick J. Conway and Deborah R. Linett to Kathryn L. and David Payeur, $181,000.

152-l Capitol Hill Drive Unit 152: Christopher D. and Bonnie A. Sullivan to 152l Capital Hill LLC, $122,533.

4 Checkerberry Lane: Charls G. and Melissa E. Nickerson to Brittany and Evan Dipalma, $451,000.

4 Fir St.: Maureen Malone to Kyle R. Lavoie and Emma K. Cook, $232,533.

13 Hovey Road: William S. Coburn to Jonathan Breier and Lina Daher, $409,933.

28 Kendall Pond Road: Michael M. Huntting to Christina M. and James D. Lauzon, $425,000.

6 Manasquan Circle: Ann W Griffin RET and Ann W. Griffin to Timothy J. Donovan and Doreen M. Prisby, $486,000.

244 Nashua Road: Londonderry Church Of Nar to Leonard and Jane Vigeant, $200,000.

45 Stonehenge Road: Alfredo Gil and Nicole Pinzok to G&W Properties LLC, $178,000.

8 Tokanel Drive: Stella M. and Richard S. Hall to Christopher and Candace Turcotte, $455,000.


25 Blossom Road: Michael Bedient to Ryll Macauslan RET and Stefan Ryll, $461,000.

158 Castle Hill Road: John P. and Delanie S. Quattrocchi to Lamalfa FT and Kenneth M. Lamalfa, $360,000.

16 Jackman Ridge Road: Jeffrey M. and Gayla A. Levine to Jeffrey and Kerrianne Fredriksen, $540,000.

6 Leeds Road: Michael G. and Stephanie L. Bailey-Gates to Aleah and Sean Leblanc, $635,000.

80 Mammoth Road Unit 10: Griggs 2018 T and Sylvia B. Griggs to Andrew and Elisabeth J. Keeves, $320,000

47 Mitchell Pond Road: Lynn Blais to Elizabeth Spath, $605,000.

52 Overton Road: Gomes FT and Jorge R. Gomes to Brian and Christina Boucher, $930,000.

10 Rocky Ridge Road: Andrea Frost to Brian Stanton, $419,933.

20 Sheffield St.: Russell Schramm to Charles A. and Autumn J. Smith, $710,000.

30 West Shore Road: Elizabeth Spath to Ian and Elizabeth Rickenbach, $487,533.

N/a Lot 7: Cobbett Pond 2003 RET and Audrey Smart to David M. Klemm, $150,000.

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