18 Cunningham Drive: Richard H. Cleary to Brian C. and Kelsey M. Butler, $285,000.

Faith Drive: Michael A. Pacheco to Stephen O. Carr FT and Stephen O. Carr, $404,533.

65 Fordway Ext. Unit 3106: Brady RET and Margaret M. Brady to Joseph D. and Angela T. Irwin, $199,533.

Goodhue Road: Steven R. Houle to Charles D. Lane and Linda Gallant, $467,000.

11 Matthew Drive Unit L: Secoya RT and Jeffrey G. Carpenter to Rick and Claudia Govoni, $210,000.

13 Newells Meadow Lane Unit 13: Ted R. Laurentt and Julie R. Laurent to Maureen M. Murgo, $247,533.

86 Overledge Drive Ext. Unit 86: Brian A. Smith to Guy J. and Margie I. Macauda, $332,000.

30 Bedard Avenue: Sondra A. and Kathleen Martineau to Kenneth F. Mcadams, $312,000.

44 Derryfield Road Unit L: Aaron Sylvain to Juan F. Dominguez, $170,000.

1 Diamond Drive: Kenneth F. and Sarah Mcadams to Chad and Angelina Chrisemer, $458,000.

10 Erin Lane: Carol A. and Lauren M. Frechette to Lisa Schoneberger and Jonathan R. Davis, $345,000.

71 N. High St. Unit 7: Nich Harris and Donna Church to Brian F. and Karen A. Murray, $315,933.

2 Silvestri Circle Unit 11: Jesse Sky-Lyons and Luisa P. Lyons to Valerie R. Lavoie, $103,000.


69 Boulder Drive Unit 69: Muhamed Durakovic to Anthony Fino, $203,000.

6 Crestview Circle Unit 125: John F. and Marietta Lopshire to Meng T. Chen, $189,933.

8 Farm Meadows Lane: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Joseph and Lindsay O'Connell, $579,933.

491 Mammoth Road Unit 41: Jose E. Ramos to Joanne M. Tompkins, $170,000.

23 Pendleton Lane Unit 23: Stephen A. and Barbara B. Scenna to Catherine Kennedy, $186,000.

12 Ross Drive: John D. and Leslie A. Kukas to Madison K. Chamberlaine and Stepheny E. Chamberlain, $406,333.

249 Winding Pond Road Unit 249: Tristan Hall to Michael J. Parisi and Joelle M. Fagan, $250,000.

N/a: Steve J. and Laura J. Frazier to Tiffany T. Farmakis, $185,000.

5 Imperial Drive: Thomas Parilla to Michael R. and Heather K. Colby, $355,000.

109 Litchfield Road: Dustin Correia to Michael J. and Kathleen M. Hall, $457,533.

7 Sadies Way: Natural Energy Design Inc. to Kyle and Amelia Lipkvich, $634,600.


15 Misty Meadow Road Unit 15: Eugene M. and Christine M. Pasto to Paul R. and Deborah A. Dion, $484,000.

3 Wynridge Road Unit 3: US Bank NA Tr to Alexandra Tomasek, $300,000.

23 Blossom Road: John A. and Kathy A. Williams to Jeffrey D. Adams, $615,000.

47 Heritage Hill Road: Jacqeuleyn Cavanaugh to Melissa P. and Thomas B. Biddle, $830,000.

14 Morgan St. Unit 14: Morgan St LLC to David and Jeannine Bishop, $635,400.

48 Sheffield St.: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Seth T. and Caitlin Roy, $698,000.

N/A: GBS Walkers Woods Dev to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $156,000.

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