Londonderry K-9 unit John Perry and "Zip" called to Tredway and Boyd Road in Londonderry to track a burglary Thursday afternoon after a Boyd Road home was broken into.

LONDONDERRY | Laurie Edmands was home alone chatting with her mother on the computer around 1 p.m. June 14 when she heard her dogs barking, followed by a crash from the next room over.

Thinking that her cats had probably broken something, she went into the room and found the bed messed up, drawers open and the window ajar. Then it dawned on her | she'd just been the victim of a break-in.

"It freaked me out," she said, drawing on a cigarette in her driveway as police continued to search for the suspect. Nothing was stolen from her home, but she was shaken nonetheless.

Edmands' Boyd Street residence was the latest in a series of break-ins in the Boyd Street and Treadway Lane area, not far from the Hudson town line. Police dispatched a K-9 unit and officers to Edmands' house and several streets nearby in an effort to track down a suspect.

"We are following it with a great deal of immediacy," Londonderry police Capt. Bill Hart said, explaining the department's decision to call in a search dog.

A Treadway Lane resident who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution said she is terrified by the recent spate of incidents.

"I won't leave my house alone," she said.

A neighbor's home was broken into last year, she said.

Back on Boyd Street, Edmands stood in the driveway with her mother, Cathy Edmands.

"I was at work, but got so shook up that I came home," Cathy Edmands said.

She said she was amazed that someone would break into a home with two dogs there.

In the nine years that Laurie Edmands, 30, has lived in the two-story home, she has never been the victim of a crime. But lately, she and her mother said they have become alarmed after hearing stories from friends and neighbors about out-of-control youths.

Police are investigating the break-in, along with the others, Hart said. But as of last week, no arrests had been made.

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