Police: Bikers, motorists pay heed this season

COURTESY PHOTO/Sheila LubeskiA Derry man overturned his Harley Davidson motorcycle on Crystal Avenue June 1, but there were no significant injuries, police say.

DERRY — The driver of a motorcycle lost control of his vehicle on Crystal Avenue Saturday, but did not sustain significant injuries.

Darren Cawthron, 53, of Ela Avenue in Derry, overturned his 2017 Harley Davidson at approximately 1:45 p.m., near Hood Commons on Crystal Avenue.

Derry police say Cawthron may have been passing cars that were making turns and lost control of his bike.

"He was taken by ambulance, but there didn't appear to be any significant injuries," Derry police Capt. Vern Thomas said.

Thomas added that with the warmer season here, many are out riding motorcycles. That's when it's more important for both cyclists and other motorists to be extra careful and aware of each other when driving.

For those on motorcycles, Thomas said it's important to pay attention to other vehicles, as motorcycles tend to be less visible on roadways. Other motorists also need to pay attention to the motorcycles out enjoying the seasonal weather.

"Both cars and bikes, use caution," Thomas said.




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