Pinkerton Academy faculty and staff participate in 'Stop the Bleed' training

COURTESY PHOTOPinkerton Academy math teacher Cynthia Benson practices wrapping a wound with Dean of Students and Support Services Susanne Tartarilla during a school Stop the Bleed training session.

DERRY — Forty members of Pinkerton Academy’s faculty and staff participated in a “Stop the Bleed” training on March 12 in the high school's Shepard Auditorium.

The training was conducted by Chuck Hemeon, director of EMS for the Derry Fire Department along with members of the Derry EMS team.

Hemeon outlined the importance of time in delivering lifesaving measures in traumatic situations.

“Derry First Responders train and drill for these events and are prepared and ready to respond. The biggest problem we are faced with is time. Time of the first injury often presenting with severe bleeding to EMS hands on the patient is often delayed as these events are so dynamic,” Hemeon said. “I believe we can train lay rescuers such as teachers and school staff to recognize severe bleeding and train them to provide basic life saving interventions that can save a life.”

The training is part of the school’s comprehensive efforts to be at the forefront of emergency preparation measures.

“After the A.L.I.C.E. training last fall, our staff asked for more,” said Susanne Tartarilla, Dean of Students and Support Services at Pinkerton. “'Stop the Bleed' seemed like the next logical step in school safety training.”

Those in attendance included support staff, teachers, and members of the administrative team. Tartarilla said the spaces filled quickly when offered to the staff and that there is already a wait list for a second training.

“Stop the Bleed” Training is available to the Derry community through the Derry Fire Department and EMS providers. Other trainings available include CPR, elderly fall prevention, and Heart Safe Community.

“When a life is saved it is often due to the quick actions of a bystander prior to arrival of EMS. Bleeding control has become an essential life skill much like learning CPR. I would encourage everyone to learn more about bleeding control and basic lifesaving skills. The life you save could be a friend, peer, student or family member,” Hemeon said. “We are available to provide training and partner with community members that want to make Derry the safest place to live in New Hampshire.”


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