LONDONDERRY — Police say a local man was likely impaired by drugs when he threw bags of stolen ice at strangers, challenged an officer to a fight, and eventually required sedation outside of CVS Pharmacy in Londonderry.

Records show that Shawn Zubrzycki, 43, was charged with domestic violence simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and willful concealment following the Aug. 26 incident.

Londonderry patrolman Matthew Morin, one of several officers to respond to the disturbance, wrote in a report that witnesses dialed 911 to say an aggressive man was in and out of the store making demands. One person reported that he was carrying an American flag and possibly a weapon.

“We attempted to bring him to a cruiser, but he continued to be problematic and at one point he grabbed onto my K9 leash that was around my waist,” Morin stated.

Another officer reported that he thought he was going to be bit by Zubrzycki.

Zubrzycki’s car was found by police parked crooked near the store entrance, across two handicapped parking spaces. One witness said he ran in asking for ice and demanding some type of vaccine from the pharmacy before running out again.

Police said they spoke with a manager in training who believed Zubrzycki stole a total of 15 bags of ice, costing $2.29 each, during multiple trips in and out of the store.

Police were told that frightened customers started asking about other ways to exit.

“The man was telling customers to gather in the back of the store to talk to them,” one witness said. “He took more bags of ice and threw them on the ground behind the checkout, where employees were standing.”

A store manager told police that at one point he shut and locked the front door for protection.

Lt. Jason Teufel said in a report of his own that outside, Zubrzycki, “challenged me to a fight, removed his shirt, took a combative stance, and told me to ‘take my stuff off.’”

Teufel reported that Zubrzycki feared police taking his car, so he jumped into the front passenger seat and leaned toward the center console.

“Believing that he may be retrieving a weapon, I drew my firearm and pointed it at Mr. Zubrzycki,” the report states. “Zubrzycki immediately exited the vehicle, saw my firearm pointed at him, and immediately complied with my commands to get on the ground.”

The officer said he held his gun on Zubrzycki while waiting for backup, during which time Zubrzycki, “screamed that he needed ice, made statements that he would fight if we put him in handcuffs, babbled incoherently and continued to sweat profusely.”

Investigators reviewing the scene said they found cash and a black pocket knife with apparent chunks of white residue where Zubrzycki had emptied his pockets earlier. It was confiscated and will be tested for drugs, police said.

About the same time, officers back at the police department were told about more chaos incited by Zubrzycki.

The 43-year-old’s step-dad arrived at the station to report that he was afraid of his stepson who attacked him at home. He said his stepson “had a breakdown” and started throwing things, including ice.

Zubrzycki was taken to Parkland Medical Center after Londonderry paramedics sedated him in the CVS parking lot.

An arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 10 in 10th Circuit Court in Derry.

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