Well here it is, 3:33 a.m. on Monday, and I still have not started our story yet for this week. Why you might ask? We both know our time together starts first thing Sunday morning.

Well, this weekend that all changed. We got a puppy!  Finally and beautifully at this moment, she is sound asleep in my lap. Puppy love for sure.

The question now is: Should I keep talking to you about our puppy adventures or should I try to catch a few z’s with GiGi while she is sleeping?

John and I had no intentions of getting another dog. We started our family together right after we were married.

John was transferred to upstate New York, and I missed Londonderry so much it felt like my heart was broken in two.

Now that I’m typing that to you, I bet that’s how GiGi is feeling right now. One minute she was with her four brothers and sister, and the next minute she was torn from them to join our family. Everything new in an instant. I guess I needed to “walk in GiGi’s paws” for a few minutes, too.

Pet stores in malls were the big thing years ago and there waiting for us was our first baby Brownie, a little Welsh corgi. Brownie was our "Marley and Me" puppy. He went through everything with John and me. First house, babies, the good times and the bad. Talk about unconditional love.

I had never had a puppy before. Brownie soon became my best friend in a new land I guess you could say. We went everywhere together, long walks or, I guess you could say, long carries.

Cars would drive by us on the road and we brought many smiles, laughs and pointing fingers. Brownie didn’t love to walk as a puppy, but he sure loved to be carried, so we went for carries instead of walks and it worked great for us.

I’m getting a little teary as I’m typing to you now. Somehow, I had put our great love for Brownie in a little piece of my heart and tucked it away. He was just a dog, right? No, he was our family.

If you ever question whether our four-legged friends, dogs and cats, too, are family, read a great actor Jimmy Stewart’s poem titled “I’ll never Forget a Dog Named Beau” about his perfectly imperfect golden retriever.

Brownie was with us our first 13 years of family life. He passed in my arms, here in our home right in Londonderry, and I was just so grateful.

I didn’t talk to anyone for a few days. Oh dear goodness, I had to stop to get a tissue and GiGi woke right up. Head back down, maybe I can keep talking to you a little longer. 

After a couple years, I insisted on us getting another corgi. I knew he would be just like our Brownie. John kept telling me that just because it was the same breed of puppy, it sure didn’t mean you would get the same disposition and personality. I completely disagreed and as often happens, and I’m not just typing this because of my puppy love for John, he was right. He just has this instinct about things.

Shea was a beautiful dog, but as nutty as could be! As calm as Brownie was, Shea was the direct opposite. I know you have the picture.

Shea was not the “perfect dog” for us like Brownie, but boy did we all feel safe and protected with him. He never needed to go on carries with me. Shea loved to run! Shea and I were kind of like the local Forrest Gump back then. We would run everywhere together. John knew I needed breaks from being a stay-at-home mom. He always would say that was one job he knew he could never do. Shea and I would head out for a run whenever we could — 10 or 12 miles was a light run for us back then.

One time we just kept on running. I’m sure I was feeling insecure about being a mom, it was just one of those days. Shea and I kept on running and we loved every step. Only problem was it started to rain, and we were lost in in Litchfield — very wet and very muddy. Suddenly Shea just stopped in the road and laid down. He was done and I couldn’t have agreed more.

Back then cellphones were nothing like they are today, and I didn’t carry one with me every second like I do now. We were on mile 14 and stopped. Shea let me pick him up just that once. Suddenly as though somehow he knew we were there, a wonderful Litchfield police officer came to our rescue. He offered us a ride home and he didn’t have to ask twice. Our neighborhood family wondered why Sherry and Shea were being brought home in a police car. John called that one a “Sherry and Shea-ism.”

Puppy love is exhausting! I’m getting pretty teary now remembering our first puppy loves and now our new 2-pound, 4-ounce puppy love GiGi, who is here in my lap, finally sleeping and its 4:10 a.m. 

GiGi is what you might call “the runt of her litter.” She's a little smaller and maybe not someone else’s first pick, but she was definitely ours.

You know I always try to protect the “underdog.”

I know I have been “chasing my tail” with other things we still have to talk about — pizza places, moose plates, election boxes, fire chiefs, and so much more. But I know you will understand.

Let’s share the puppy love.

Sherry Farrell is the Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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