Sherry Farrell

Sherry Farrell

Seldom does this happen but this week, the week of May 3-9 which would have been my mom Pearl Cummings, beloved employee of our Shaws of Londonderry for years, 88th birthday, we have three groups of people to celebrate and thank. Not to mention May 10 is also Mother’s Day.

Nurses Week is Wednesday, May 6-12, The 51st Municipal Town and City Clerks Week is May 3-9, and last but not least, Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, too!

My friend Donna Andronico reached out to me last week with a great idea and she wasn’t even thinking that nurse’s appreciation week was right around the corner.

Donna wanted to come up with a way to let our nurses, other health professionals and first responders know how grateful we are for the risks that they are taking for all of us.

Donna’s idea was to find away to encourage all of us to send a gift card for a family take-out meal, groceries or something fun like ice cream to brighten their day and to let them know we care.

As Donna and I talked about it, we decided there are endless possibilities that we could all do to say thanks.

Even an unexpected card, letter of thanks, handpicked flowers, picture or homemade treat or meal would make such a difference.

I’m going to call it “Donna’s Challenge” to all of us is to pick one person or a few and do something special for them this week and let’s continue it in the weeks to follow.

We will post it on Facebook and other places, too. Donna even came up with a fun hashtag #celebrateyoureverydayhero?

Many people have no idea that their town and city clerks offices are considered essential businesses during this pandemic.

Registering cars, taxes, registering dogs, preparing for elections, and being able to obtain marriage licenses, and other vital records must continue. It’s a new normal in all of our offices.

Trying to keep our families safe and taking care of the residents we love is no easy task. Most offices are closed to the public. But did you know that there is a team effort going on everyday behind those locked doors finding new ways to get the job done?

A very special shout out to Christy Breidenbach, who knocked on our door last week in mask and gloves to drop of a tray of delicious treats with a note that said, “Appreciate all of you.” Christy and Mike wanted the entire Town Hall to know they were appreciated.

Last but never least, Teacher Appreciation Week. Now that I’m typing to you, the first and last ones should really be every day.

God bless our nurses and teachers for all they do. I have no idea how our teachers are doing all of this from their homes now, but somehow, they are.

Imagine trying to teach an entire class via a laptop or computer.

My dear friend Kim Soucy from Londonderry High sent me a letter this week, which melted my heart, with a picture of us when we first met at Londonderry High back in the early '90s. Two young teachers that never could have guessed back then what 2020 would bring.

During these unexpected times, helping and saying thanks will be a gift to the person or people you surprise but also it will lift your spirits too.

I hope you know how grateful I am for all of you.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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