My big plan this week was to tell you all about a “bummer” situation I went through last Friday, but once again suddenly that changed. 

I had planned to take a mini-staycation this week and without much notice, Sunday I found myself hopping in John’s rental car and heading to the Big Apple with him. 

The company John works for was having a BIG users group, as it is called, and he said for once I should come along. I wasn’t thrilled about leaving the girls for three or four nights, but I guess it’s time for maybe me to grow up about all that.

Well John might be the best person in New Hampshire to explore New York City with, because that’s where he is from. He does know the city like the back of his hand. 

Arriving at the hotel, settling in, and spending most of Monday with John at the 9/11 Memorial made me realize quickly I had made the right decision to go. 

I might have to write an entire story about what we experienced there. Sadly, in many ways we do, maybe not forget but compartmentalize that horrible day as though it happened hundreds of years ago, but it didn’t. 

Being there, seeing the victims smiles, hearing a young man leaving a message for his girlfriend, to tell her to go on, live life, and that he loved her completely. 

There are no words. It was an honor. If you can, bring your families. Remember.

John tried to quickly give me the lay of the land so to speak, because the next couple days I would be on my own. 

Here’s a quick rundown of my adventure:

I kind of felt like “Waldo” most of the time, hoping if I didn’t make it back to the hotel that someone would come and find me! Since we were close to Central Park, I decided to start off with a run there. John and Mere said I would be safe and that there would be many people and there were. I ran, ran and ran more like Forest Gump really.  

I’d ran past the Morris and Hamilton monuments and all around the Jackie O. reservoir too! When I finally stopped, I realized I was lost. Not a big problem, but did I mention that I didn’t bring identification, money or a fully charged phone. Waze tried to help me a little but she thought I was in a car and had me going way out of my way.

At this point I felt like a very sweaty Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I kept asking anyone who I thought might be a New Yorker where the Emerald Hotel was. 

Not much for small talk, they all seemed shocked that I was talking to them honestly. Finally, I made it back to the hotel and clicked my sneakers together before I finally took them off.

Tuesday, I decided I wanted to see the Broadway musical "Come From Away." Remember my mom, Pearl, was from Newfoundland and it is a true story about how Gander, a very small town of just 10,000 people in Newfoundland took care of all of the passengers on 38 planes that were diverted out of the sky because of 9/11. 

Talk about warm your heart! The people of this small town came together, cared for and comforted more than 7,000 people from over 100 countries in the world. Simply a beautiful story of what we can accomplish when we all work together, instead of against each other.

That evening John had a work event that led us to a concert with Bruno Mars. Oh my goodness! Enough said!

Now what happened next I still can’t believe. We thought we would be heading home Thursday morning, but suddenly the plan changed and we were staying through the day. 

Honestly my thought was now what do I do! 

Trying to give me ideas, Mere said to me that morning, "Mom, why don’t you head over to 'The View' and see if you can get in the show."

Now I felt like the Peanuts crew. Wah Wa Wa — online tickets were gone, but between Meredith and the wonderful housekeeper Lynnette Cox who I became dear friends with, they said just go! So I did! 

I waved goodbye to Lynnette, wanted to hug her, but not sure how that would go over in the Big Apple! 

Rushed to a taxi and made it to the show by 9:40 a.m. I figured it wasn’t a good sign when there was no line in sight, actually there wasn’t anyone in sight waiting to get in. I rushed in, you know. Asked the security desk, where I should be? They kind of laughed, and sent me to the side door.

Standing there were just three nice young security guards that worked for the show. I was almost too embarrassed to ask, but I said “I’m sorry to even ask this, but is there any way I could get into the show?” I think they were surprised too, but they smiled and let me in. 

They gave me the last open seat! I have so much more to tell you, but I guess it will have to wait until next week!

A shout out to Denise and Tracy who took care of me and gave me the best description I have heard of regarding my thoughts on the Big Apple. It’s a Love-Hate Relationship! 

Sherry Farrell is the Londonderry town clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

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