Thankful for the angels among us and the 'Tennessee Wig Walk'

Sherry Farrell

It seems almost every week we have been reminding each other to check on others around our towns. We have been trying to think of ways we can help yet still keep ourselves and our families safe too.

This week the table was turned on me and I am grateful. Some of our readers reached out to me and it meant more than they could ever know.

My week ended well but there were a few rough patches in the beginning. You know those times, when no matter what decision you make, those you care deeply for are going to feel sad and disappointed. Toss in a few other bumps, and the start of the week was going downhill quickly for me. 

Well if you ever wonder if you should say something or reach out to someone with positive things, well wonder no more. Say the good things you are feeling. Knock on a door, introduce yourself and share the good.

I can promise you it never fails, and you will change someone’s day. On a side note, let’s keep the not nice stuff to ourselves. Let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt and only stick to the kind stuff from here on out. It’s a win-win for everyone!

When most people walk through my door or office, I have an idea who they are. Maybe not exactly a name, but I know them, their family their amazing story.

Suddenly Sue Jones was standing in my office. I knew I didn’t really know her, and my first thought was, “Oh boy, it must be a complaint,” which would have gone right along with the way my day was going.

Sue Jones became an angel for me over the next few minutes we shared. Sue started to tell me with teary eyes that she just wanted to thank me for our stories and that the one titled, “Star of the day, who will it be?” held a special meaning for her. Sue said that when she and her best friend Barbara were in third grade they went on "Community Auditions" together. She described what they wore — plaid shirts, cut-off jeans and straw hats.

I asked what their talent was, and she started to sing the song that won them third place: “I am a bow-legged chicken and a knock-kneed hen. Never been so happy since I don’t know when. I walk with a wiggle and a giggle and a squawk, doing the Tennessee wig walk.”

Sue said the song was called the "Tennessee Wig Walk." I had to do a little research and it looks like Bonnie Lou wrote and sang it back in 1953. It makes you smile just to say the words!

It also became a popular “mixer” dance. Four couples would dance it together or people would dance in a large group. Once we get through COVID together, maybe we need to bring some of these good-old, healthy, fun dances back.

Sue said she told her husband she just wanted me to know how much our little story meant to her and the happy memory it brought back. She also said that she and Barbara are still best friends today. They both grew up in Massachusetts.

Sue has only lived in New Hampshire for less than two years. What a gift she gave me by taking a chance and stopping by.

The next day Dan O’Neil gave me another unexpected gift. A rough start to the day, many things that needed responding too, but not the important things. Simply put I was feeling down.

Out of nowhere, Dan asked if he could come into the office for a minute. The first thing he said as though somehow, he knew was “I want you to know you are doing a good job.”

Now Dan and I have both lived here forever, but we have never really talked much before, yet there he was.

In my mind, I looked around my office and was thinking “How did he know?” Next, he said he reads our stories every week and he really appreciates the work of our local Rotary clubs. He read in my story about the raffle “The Rotary Saves Christmas” to be drawn on Dec. 23 and he wanted to purchase tickets to join in.

Sue and Dan were like angels amoung us — or may just around me. 

Never hesitate to say something, if you are thinking something happy or positive about someone you barely know or someone you love!

I wish I had the name of this person too, but in the middle of the snowstorm on Saturday night, the nicest young man stopped his red truck on a back road to warn all of us that electrical telephone poles were down and across the dark road.

He stood there in the middle of the road with his truck blocking the entrance, directing traffic until the police could arrive to keep us all safe.

If this sounds like someone you know, please send me his name and there is one of my "Sherry’s Not So Famous Chocolate Chip Warm Banana Bread" waiting for him.

This week reach out and share with someone something they did that touched your life. I promise you will change their day, maybe their life, and your life too.


P.S.: Hope to see you Saturday at Mack’s Apples. The Londonderry Arts Council will be sharing “The Wit, Wisdom and Sign Art of Andy Mack Sr.” Andy is the eighth-generation owner of Moose Hill Orchards which has been with us since 1732. Stop by from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. for a smile and a walk down memory lane.

Sherry Farrell is the Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.


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