Star of the day: Who will it be? Your vote will hold the key

Sherry Farrell, Londonderry Town Clerk

I bet only a handful of us will remember where this catchy little song came from many years ago. The show was called “Community Auditions” and it was a family favorite in and around New England.

You know how much I love looking things up and finding out their history and the why of how they came to be, so that’s what I just did. Thank goodness for Google!

My small family started watching this show when I was about 4 years old, back in 1964. My dad surprised us with one of those big old box pieces of heavy furniture television sets that we could barely afford.

I remember that it had a huge picture tube in it, that we prayed would never blow out. It took up a good size space in our room, yet the picture was quite small and ours was black and white. Funny to type this now, but with no social media around to remind us of what others had, we believed we were living large. Dad was a proud truck driver and mom stayed home with me in our apartment.

According to community, it started airing back in 1950 and was hosted by Gene Burns. It was known throughout New England. Who would have guessed, but it is considered America’s “longest-running entertainment television show in history."

A New England entertainment personality, Dave Maynard, took over as host in 1965. The way it worked was six talented hopefuls would perform during the 30-minute show. We the viewers were asked to send in postcards with who we thought should win and the following week it would be announced.

At the very end of the show this song was played, and it made you want to sing along! Too funny, the winner would receive a trophy, “bragging rights” which might lead them to a career in entertainment, and wait for it: a television. Great fun and family time, it lasted for over 25 years.

Here it is Sunday morning, and a couple of times throughout the night I kept waking up with this song coming to mind. So strange because I haven’t thought about it or the show for decades.

Right now, all I can think about is what will Tuesday bring for our amazing election team? Hundreds of people behind the scenes, that we could never thank enough, to make this one great American event happen. That’s my biggest concern or worry right now. Will everything go as planned? Will voters come out to vote? So many hours have been spent in preparation to make sure everyone is safe and that every vote is cast quickly and efficiently, too.

Sure, we have lots of absentee ballots in every town and city and if you asked our team maybe half are for “real” reasons and fears, but the other half are simply because many people want to avoid election day and as many have said to us “vote early.” Something we do not have in New Hampshire.

We hope all of the other voters in each great town and city throughout our state, speak with their feet and come on out and vote. It will be something to be a part of, too, an unprecedented event that will make history and never be forgotten.

The biggest question that I can bet we all have in common right now is, who will be the "Star of the Day” in every race right here in the great state of New Hampshire? They have all had a very long road, and I bet they will be grateful in some ways when it is over.

In 2016, I remember arriving at the election for 6 a.m. and arriving home at 3:30 a.m. the next morning. I turned on the TV and had a smidgen of wine just in time to hear our next president of our country being announced. Back in the office by 10 a.m. to organize and answer questions of the press and others. The results were unexpected in many races.

Every vote is so very important and your vote does hold the key. It’s up to you, tell us who.

Well, I just have to share a couple of stars of the day from my book this past week.

An amazing teacher that I had the honor of working with years ago, Steve Tallo, left a pumpkin pie on my desk this week. No, not the kind you are thinking about. Steve is a math teacher and each Halloween he writes the Pi symbol on a pumpkin to make us smile and voila, you have pumpkin pie! Made me smile on a very long day.

New businesses are starting to take a chance again. Planet Fitness just opened in Londonderry and there has been one in Derry for a while. I’ve watched their commercials now for years and they say “Judgement Free Zone.” Well, it really is. Special thanks to Christian Zarka of Derry for all of his help getting us set up. Everything is fresh and the most vibrant color purple, maybe more of a fuchsia, is all around!

Also, a Sherry’s Shout Out to Matt De Vito who just graduated from Londonderry High this year! Matt was friendly, patient, and kind as I tried to place our order to-go at our own 99 Restaurant. Dear goodness, we are lucky to have them in our area.

We ordered take out with Bart and he had the prime rib special. It was the best I have seen since the good old days of Ron’s at The Yard Restaurant. You don’t even have to ask for au jus and horseradish sauce!

On Facebook, because a Pinkerton Academy high school friend Debbie Donovan shared it with me, I learned that Revived Furniture, 3 Rockingham Road in Derry, will be having a fun event starting Thursday, Nov. 5, and running through Sunday, Nov. 7, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., a holiday open house. Contests, decorations, and just plain happiness to share. Something to put us in the holiday spirit, too.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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