'Spot on' makes a come back

Sherry Farrell

It seems suddenly "spot on" has made a comeback.

For some reason lately I keep hearing this phrase, and I can't decide if I really like hearing it or if I find it a little irritating, like nails on a chalkboard.

Of course, I wanted you and I to know a little history about this phrase. It's considered to have started in the military which makes sense with target shooting when you think about it. It's an English phrase that means exactly what it says, "exactly, precise, correct," and I would add a great idea, also.

I have a great idea of something for all of us to get out and do this coming weekend.

One of the nicest families I know in our area, Meg and Dan Gore (and their children Katy and Tim) have been giving their time for years to bring the art of theater to our local children. Meg even helped our Town Hall a couple of years back when we were decorating our clerk's office for Halloween.

We wanted to have a "Wizard of Oz" theme, but had no time to pull it together. Suddenly, there was Meg to the rescue. She let us borrow her costumes and set. She made all the difference in the world.

Out of their shared love of the performing arts, even in this difficult time we are in, they have opened the new Ovation Theatre Company at 61 Harvey Road. They have a beautiful studio where rehearsals and summer camp sessions take place. They also have enough space to practice outdoors.

John and I always turn and look when we drive by because you will see everyone practicing together for their upcoming show "A Chorus Line." First and foremost, all of this has been created with everyone's safety and social distancing in mind.

Please come and show your support this weekend. This will be a first time for us and I can't wait. It will all happen in the Londonderry Middle School parking lot, and instead of sitting in seat, we will be able to watch from our cars or trucks. It all starts Friday night and runs through Sunday. Call or text for tickets and information at 603-479-7338.

I can promise you that this Ovation Theatre Company will be "spot on" and it is just what our community needs. Camps and classes like these can also help with self-confidence and public speaking skills that last a lifetime. Check out ovationtc.com for information.

Something else we have to be "spot on" about is licensing our dogs. Remember years ago, Spot used to be a very common name for a dog. Remember the early reader series for many of us, "Dick and Jane?" Well, their dog was named Spot. I loved those books. They also say giving your dog a short, one-syllable name makes it easier for them to be trained.

Many of our towns and cities have waived the monthly late fee to try and help during our unexpected last few months, but the time has come for us to make sure all dogs are registered. It's for our safety and the dogs' safety, too.

Civil forfeitures are required by state law. Remember, that means that if you haven't registered your dog you will be fined hefty amounts for each dog and could even be taken to court where more fees are imposed. It's not your town clerks wanting to do this, it's the law.

We also know some people are having a difficult time getting veterinary appointments. If you have extenuating circumstances, please let us know. In most cases, it is just that people have forgotten. Stop by your town or city hall and for less than $10 you will be all set. In Londonderry, our fee is $7.50 and $3 for seniors. 

Well, this "spot on" situation I still can't believe happened. A wonderful car wash that has been with us for years, Primrose on Route 28, has new owners.

They decided to take a chance on our area and they need our support. Last Sunday, we took an early morning ride to the beach. Somehow all four of us, Meredith, Mackensie, John and I, and Ellie the puppy, were able to go. It was very crowded and people did look like spots on the beach, but I have to believe there is something healing about that ocean air and sunshine. People were too close for comfort for us. We just drove around, went for a little run, Ellie took a little walk and we stopped for one of Mackensie's favorite Acai bowls.

The only thing John wanted to do as we got off Exit 5 was wash the sand and dirt off his truck. The rest of the trip was really for us because you know our New Hampshire coastline is one of my favorite places in the world.

Picture this, first time through a car wash, all five of us in the truck. The nicest man comes out, introduces himself and tells us about the wash options we have. We start through. Everything lines up "spot on" with the high pressured water machine starting. Suddenly, Mackensie yells, "Dad, you have to turn your side view mirrors in or they will get ripped off."

Now panic hits inside the vehicle. How does life change from relaxed to stressed in minutes? John and I push the window buttons. The water is coming toward us. We both grab and pull in the mirrors but still have to get the windows back up before the water hits. Well, either the machine was too fast, or we were too slow! John, Ellie and I ended up getting an unexpected spot cleaning, too. Meredith and Mackensie remained safe in the back seat. After all that, we think the mirrors would have been just fine.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.


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