This week I want to tell you about so many great people and places but I don’t know how to “sew” it all together. I guess you could say I’m also not sure if I should work from the back to the beginning or from the beginning to the last thing that just happened.

Just before trying to start our story together this morning, I had to make a call that I can bet most people in New Hampshire would never think to make. The girls are planning a Canadian adventure with their friend Emilee and something that should be so easy has me in a tizzy!

I have gone from the ultra-confident mom of “no problem at all” to the panicked mom that was trying to write to you at 7 a.m. this past Sunday morning and had to stop.

I broke from our story to try to find any information about Canadian travel online and once again I decided to just call one of the most impressive numbers in the world — 1-716-282-3141. This is the U.S. Customs Line and when they say they are open 24 hours they really are.

A nice officer actually answered the phone (again, I’ve called twice) and gave me the answers that would make me feel secure letting them go. Special Thanks to our U.S border control.

Okay, on to trying to “sew” this over the top week together now in 1,000 words or less. Let’s jump around.

On Thursday night we headed to the annual YMCA fundraiser, great food, drink and fun with the goal of raising money for our wonderful local YMCA.

So many great businesses were there doing what they could to help. Michele of Michele’s Sweet Shoppe seems to be at everything! We just saw each other at the home show a couple weeks back.

Remember this is a great place to pick up special gifts for friends and teachers we love and the ice cream stand opens on May 15.

The Coach Stop was spoiling everyone, too. Heidi was there taking care of us just like she does to support our local Rotary Club each week.


Here's another jump.  

On Wednesday night our Rotary held a special evening meeting. Many new beginnings and new members were welcomed, but also the bittersweet time of wishing farewell to a member and his family who has been with Rotary for over 25 years and doing so much good behind the scenes. John Timmeny was responsible for bringing the group to the Sonshine Soup Kitchen to help, support and prepare meals for local families. Patti Timmeny has been known as our local orthodontist. 

For me, Patti will always be one of those people that I so wish we could have found more time to just get together. You know how there are people like that in our lives that your paths keep touching, that you sincerely like so very much, but timing maybe ages of children just don’t allow for it. That’s Patti for me.

Now you’re probably thinking we originally met because of her taking care of the girls teeth. It started well before that. When I was a teacher at Londonderry High and hit my 30s, I thought most likely I was just not going to meet my Mr. Right.

I was OK with that. I had my parents’ right down the street, I loved being a teacher and I had my students. I decided it was time to stop looking, and do something for me.

I went to Apple Tree Orthodontics and met a new doctor in town, Patti! Right away we hit it off, and before I knew it I had lovely silver braces on my bottom teeth.

As life would have it though, not even a week later John and I met! Braces can be a little difficult even when the best doctor in the world puts them on. John and I had our first date at what use to be Promises to Keep in Derry.

The entire first hour of our date I keep trying to hide my braces by wrapping my lower lip around my bottom teeth. Finally a short time into the date, John said something like “Sherry, we both know you have braces." Jump ahead to a little over a year later and Patti figured out a way to take my braces off early so that I wouldn’t have to wear them on our wedding day!

Faye Sell, another one of my favorite people, said it best: “It’s harder for us that are left behind, when someone leaves." I agree.

Now back to the YMCA. 

My favorite coffee to brew at home is still “One More Cup” and they were offering fresh brewed coffee to everyone. Remember I found One More Cup a couple years back at Wilson Farm when they were first getting started? If you go to you will see that they are now in many stores throughout the state. Remember to Like and Follow these great businesses online.

What we also love about attending these events is first, you are supporting, even in a small way, these great nonprofit groups that make our community better, but two, you get to learn about new ideas and businesses from other areas.

One we had never heard of before is “The Steak Out Retail Store” in Goffstown. John and I love to take drives around the state and we added this store to our list. They had us try some of their steak tips and other foods from their farmer’s style market.

There was even a wonderful new wine/champagne called ONEHOPE that just by purchasing one bottle they will provide 15 meals to families in need. Apparently they started back in 2007, a group of kids’ right out of college decided their mission would be “to bring people together to celebrate and serve the world."

Even if you weren’t able to attend the YMCA’s special night, it’s never too late to make a donation, to make a difference.

I have to mention Friday night, but I will tell you more about it when we talk about Memorial Day in a couple of weeks. Special thanks to Robert Everett of the Hudson VFW Post 5791 for hosting its annual Loyalty Day/Scholastic Awards Ceremony. Bob is another one of those unsung heroes that does so much good for veterans and our local area.

Don’t forget our local Londonderry Grange will be having its Mother’s Day Plant Sale this Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

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