I had planned to title our story this week, “Chasing My Tail” in honor of all the things I have to get caught up telling you about and about Gigi, too.

Early this week Mackensie and I heard the term “salt of the earth” and she said, "Mom, that is a really great phrase."

When I thought more about it and that phrase’s meaning I decided it really applied much better to some of the wonderful people I have been wanting to share with you.

We are back to our Sunday morning time together, and Gigi is fast asleep at my feet so I’m not sure how much time we will have! Puppies, like babies, are demanding.

According to the Phrase Finder on the internet, "salt of the earth" means, “Those who are considered to be of great worth and reliability.” I would add good, honest, down-to-earth, and care about other people.

I have to start this week’s story with a huge virtual hug to all of the men and woman who have been working day and night at our Exit 4 COVID-19 vaccination center. I hear so much, and I mean so much, at the town hall, the good and the not so nice that other people say and think will never be repeated too. Nasty always has a way of coming to the surface.

I have heard nothing but compliments and grateful hearts for the service our National Guard and other branches of the military are providing, our local fire departments and other volunteers, too.

When Mackensie received her vaccinations, it was below freezing and there was that horrible wind. As they stood out in that cold to help us, each person was caring, compassionate and kind.

Talk about humble hearts. A special shout out to Lt. Cox of Manchester, Specialist White, Lt. Phil LaBlanc and our Health Officer/Battalion Chief Fred Heinrich of our Londonderry Fire Department. I wish I knew everyone’s names. God bless them. Where would we be without them?

On a side note, many people have been surprises the workers with food, treats and other thank yous. If you would like to send something over, we learned that right now there about 15 – 20 people on in two shifts every day. The thank yous are very much appreciated, but never ever expected. This is the humblest group of civil servants you will meet.

If you have little ones at home, having them make cards of thanks would touch many hearts too. Wish we could make big banners and surprise them at the entrance. If you know of someone who could make and donate them, please email me.

You just never know about what other great "salt of the earth" people are doing. Have you heard about Mimi and Bumpa’s Workshop? I hadn’t either, but thanks to Allison Guthrie, one of our amazing assistant clerks, I do now. Check out their Facebook page. Denise and Gary O’Kula have lived in our area for 35 years. When they both retired, they wanted to give back and they wanted to do something together that they loved.

They create the most beautiful, reclaimed wood gifts and personal creations that I have ever seen. A gift from the heart that was handmade with love. Their prices are half of what you would find anywhere else without a doubt. Every penny of profit they make goes to different charities such as the New Hampshire Food Pantry, our veteran groups, and others like the American Heart Association. Their motto is "Do what you love, love what you do." They love creating and giving. I am so honored to have met them.

Just one more thing I have to include is their mission “to benefit various charities, the environment and the consumer with quality work for reasonable prices.” Oh and the best way to reach them is through their Facebook page, just go to facebook.com/mimibumpaworkshop or just type in Mimi & Bumpa’s Workshop in the search area.

There are a few other "salt of the earth" people I want to mention.

Recently I met Virginia and Arthur, who just moved up to our area from Revere, Massachusetts, a couple years ago. Like I always try to remember, we never know someone’s story or the good that they have done in their lifetime for others.

We met in the hallway after our wonderful assistant clerk Kristina Jeanty had helped them with all the things they needed to get done. Virginia and Arthur made it point to tell me how helpful Kristina was and how much they appreciated the time and help she gave them.

Well, you know me, I had to ask some questions about them. I so love every story that someone shares with me. It turns out that Arthur was a retired fire chief in Massachusetts for over 30 years! Together, I know they helped many people along the way.

Thomas B. McManus stopped by in early January just to tell me how much he enjoys reading our stories each week. Sometimes I’m not sure if anyone makes time to read anymore, so Tom’s quick pop by words as he was passing my door meant more than he could know.

He did share with me that I reminded him of his father-in law who wrote stories for the local newspaper, too. One special one was about a little boy in Germany that he often shared his dinner and chocolate bar with during the war. He always hoped that someday they would meet again through his stories, but they never did. Sharing what little he had to help a child. "Salt of the earth" for sure.

I’ve been wanting to tell you about Jim and Diddia Sousa who recently moved to our area from Massachusetts. They already love our great state. They are so excited to start their new life adventure with all of us. They were completing their car registrations here and Diddia decided to go with our state moose plates to help support our conservation and heritage resources. Good "salt of the earth" people and I’m glad they picked New Hampshire!

Before ending I just checked out the Londonderry Arts Cafe that is going virtual for this month. What a beautiful site. Just go to londonderryartscouncil.org/arts-cafe-2021 for more information.

Sherry Farrell is the Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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