LONDONDERRY — A local bank will get an overhaul that will help streamline drive-up traffic flow and also support customers needing to park and do business inside.

The Citizens Bank at the corner of Nashua Road and the new Michel's Way near the Woodmont Commons development is earmarked for a major improvement plan, according to information presented to the Londonderry Planning Board at a meeting Dec. 12.

The plan had come before the board back in August as a preliminary conceptual discussion.

Karl Dubay, representing the Dubay Group, gave the most recent update on the 1.7-acre project that will take the older design of the bank and bring it into a more modern, convenient facility for customers.

He said the bank currently has a one-way in design and too many teller/ATM lanes.

With so much online banking done today, the bank is seeing less need for that much space.

The proposed redevelopment plan will streamline the bank into a 3,200-square-foot facility and surrounding areas will be a more simple design with no teller lanes and a simple lane for ATM traffic.

In addition, the plan proposes a 5,100-square-foot building to house an urgent care office with another building nearby set to be general retail space.

Planning Board members had some concerns.

Mary Wing Soares said she wasn't liking the colors connected to the medical space, set to be a Convenient MD business.

"I'm thrilled you are redeveloping the site," Soares said. "It's nice to see something a little more neat. That's positive. I'm not thrilled with the red roof. We like to blend in here."

Other officials said more details need to be on the plans before approval can be given.

Public Works official John Trottier said the plans needed more detailed descriptions of parts of the project, including parking details.

"It needs to be spelled out completely," Trottier said, "so when we get into this everybody knows the expectations."

Planning Board Chairman Art Rugg said more information was needed so the right decisions can be made moving forward.

"There are a sufficient amount of things that need to be addressed, to give staff and consultants time to review it," Rugg said. We don't like to be rushed."

The discussion on the project was continued to the Jan. 9 Planning Board meeting.

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