LONDONDERRY —The town's biggest summer party and its organizing committee is getting a new start.

A re-organizational meeting of the Old Home Day Committee is set for Thursday, Jan. 16, 5:30 p.m. at the town offices.

Last year, town officials took a look at the committee and how it might move forward after longtime committee chairman Kathy Wagner stepped down as leader.

The upcoming meeting will give the all-volunteer group a fresh start.

The committee has a long history.

The Town Council created the Old Home Day Committee in 2001. The committee was charged as a “willing group of volunteers that will represent the Town of Londonderry” and shall “determine its own rules and order of business, unless otherwise provided by law or Town Charter,” according to the minutes of that meeting.

Prior to that, a former Chamber of Commerce handled Old Home Day.

The committee remained a volunteer effort but always had town oversight when it come to handling money collected for booths, sponsorships and other costs. In recent years, the number of volunteers has dwindled.

This past August, Old Home Day paid tribute to the 300th anniversary of the original Nutfield settlement.

All are welcome to attend the organizational meeting.  

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