Officials ponder protection of former Lithia Springs water site

A three gallon pottery jug once used for Londonderry Lithia Springs water is among the artifacts at Londonderry’s Morrison House museum. Town officials are now pondering an effort that might protect property known as the former spring water location.

LONDONDERRY — Town conservation officials are hoping to put some protections on property that once was known for its spring water.

A 54-acre piece of land off Route 102 and near High Range Road is now a focus of a potential conservation protection sale that would preserve the property and keep many of its unique characteristics away from development.

At a Town Council meeting July 11, a discussion of the property came up, with officials talking about what makes the land special.

One major point is that the property has a rich history in town, known for the Londonderry Lithia Springs water company in the late 1800s up through the early 1900s.

“Lithia Springs is a piece of Londonderry history,” said Conservation Commission member Mike Speltz, who spoke to councilors about the land and its value. “Londonderry was a source of spring water that was shipped all over the United States, some say all over the world.”

Londonderry’s Historical Society and Morrison House Museum currently has some artifacts from the old water company, including containers and jugs.

There are also valuable water sources, wildlife and other reasons the land is a prime spot to protect, Speltz added.

The cost of purchasing the property could be around $1 million or more.

If not protected, the property could potentially generate housing of up to perhaps about 96 units.

Councilors wanted more information.

That included Council Chairman John Farrell, saying he wanted more information on how buildable the property actually is, and to “educate ourselves on what actually could be built there.”

The discussion is continued to a Council meeting on Aug. 15.

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