LONDONDERRY — Tanya Lawson knew she wanted to help people as a career choice and now, as a licensed naturopathic doctor, she is giving people that personalized medical care alongside non-invasive medical aesthetics.

InBloom Health LLC is now open at 25 Buttrick Road, a 2,000 square-foot facility housing a personalized medical and anti-aging clinic alongside a full medispa.

Owner and Canadian native Lawson has practiced for 14 years as a naturopathic doctor and specialize in integrative medicine for women and their families. She is the only licensed naturopathic doctor in Londonderry.

"We are a small profession in New Hampshire," she said, adding naturopathic doctors have a minimum of eight years of post-secondary education and attend a separate medical school, where emphasis is put on patient-centered holistic care.

She sees about one to two patients per hour and typical visits are up to an hour in length.

Lawson utilizes integrative medicine, combining conventional options with healthy diet and lifestyle, supplements, herbal medicines, vitamin shots, intravenous nutrient therapy and acupuncture.

"I wanted to offer a facility that combines the best of both worlds — personalized medical care offering those cutting edge treatments not often available in conventional settings alongside those non-invasive medical aethetics," Lawson said. "My clinic offers both inner and outer wellness treatments so patients can feel their best."

Lawson said many people come to her office when they are not seeing the results from current treatments. Common conditions she may treat include hormonal imbalance, digestive concerns, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and most conditions encountered in family medicine. Aesthetic services include Botox, Coolsculpting, laser skin treatments, and injectables.

InBloom is part medical clinic/spa and part warm, colorful boutique. Lawson said her pink color choices and shiny chandeliers give clients a sense of elegance and warmth.

"I wanted to create a space where patients feel relaxed and inspired as soon as they walked through the doors," she said. "A cold, clinical environment can often be an obstacle to patient comfort. Patient-centered care is at the heart of everything we do. I spend time with people, addressing the root of their problem."

Lawson said her clinic is unique and said health and wellness is at the core of everything she and her staff hope to accomplish for clients. It's a partnership where she offers her knowledge and skill while giving patients a chance to make decisions about their own health —a collaborative approach.

"My job is to help them become they best they can be," Lawson said.

Information on InBloom LLC is available by calling 603-818-8777.


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