LONDONDERRY — A new business is open on Action Boulevard, offering those who love technology and gaming to try their hand at virtual reality experiences.

Action VR is now open at 1 Action Blvd., and is a business that gives patrons access to over 100 virtual reality games and experiences, including escape rooms, sports games, a roller coaster, or more family-friendly games.

It has something for everyone, according to owners Jennifer and Joseph Dunne.

Action VR has 13 virtual reality stations, with one station offered as a free demonstration area for those who may be new to this type of gaming experience.

An upper mezzanine at the business offers rooms for birthday parties, with each room equipped with an HTC Vive wireless headset and state-of-the-art Alien PC equipment.

Those who wish to just observe can sit comfortably outside the station and watch on the screen.

The Dunnes have called Londonderry home for about 14 years and said opening up the virtual reality business is something they are very excited about.

Jennifer Dunne said the business has about 100 games of all levels loaded and ready. Players can choose from a wide variety of genres, too, including zombies, rhythm and music, art, racing and flying, education, kids, space, escape rooms, warriors, heights, and many more, with many geared to younger players and others based on more extensive gaming knowledge.

She added the couple wanted to open this type of business as a way to encourage not only technology and gaming fun, but also support experiences for the younger game lovers.

It's also something the area doesn't have much of yet, Jennifer said, adding the couple did a lot of research and traveled to other similar businesses to see how it's done.

"Londonderry is also a growing community," Jennifer said, "and expanding like crazy."

Players can purchase a certain amount of time once they come to Action VR and also set up games and play against each other while couches situated outside the gaming area are ready for parents or others to sit and watch.

Every virtual reality experience can be different, Joseph Dunne said, and once the headset is perched on someone's head, the environment surrounding the player is very realistic.

"You look up, you see the stars," he said. "Everything is all around you."

Some people enjoy the more interactive games that are played against others; while some prefer taking a virtual roller coaster ride or just soaring over Google Earth images. Action VR is geared toward those 8 years old and up and at least 48 inches tall.

Many people who come to the business are also newcomers who want to try things out, Jennifer said. That's when the free demonstration comes in handy to get acclimated to what can be done.

Jennifer said she hopes to reach out to teens in the area to share information about the business. Action VR also hopes to host contests and other gaming incentives for players.

"We want it to be a fun place, and comfortable," she said, adding with technology almost constantly changing, there is room for expansion as the business moves forward.

"The quality of virtual reality keeps getting better," she said.



Mondays and Tuesdays, closed

Wednesday and Thursday, 2 to 8 p.m.;

Friday, 2 to 10 p.m.

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

More information at

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