To celebrate the first day of summer, or what officially is known as the Summer Solstice, June 21 at 11:54 a.m. to be exact, I thought I'd keep things a little light and breezy.

Another reason is that this week I'm writing to you from my favorite place in the world, our own New Hampshire coast. It just doesn't get any better than New Hampshire in my book.

I started thinking about how things seem to come in threes and, let's face it, we use it to predict "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

See? Even movie names often come in threes. Remember that was the title of a 1966 Clint Eastwood movie.

If you are like me, you probably had clue that our ideas about threes can be traced to the Latin phrase Omne Trium Perfectum. The phrase means everything that comes in threes is perfect or maybe meant to be.

Some say we use it because as humans we need to find patterns to explain why things happen. Either way, it is very interesting and to think it started being used back in 500 A.D.

The reason our story headed this way is that the threes hit Meredith in the funniest way just last week. Remember I told you — and I can't thank you enough for listening and being sincerely happy for her — that she graduated law school. Well, with graduations often come heartfelt gifts.

My Canadian family may have started this ball rolling. They sent her a beautiful pen. You know, one of those special pens that you hope to keep an entire lifetime.

When I graduated from Pinkerton Academy it was a gold or silver-colored thin Cross pen. When my cousin called to ask me about it, she mentioned that for an extra $10, she could have it engraved, too. I didn't expect that part, and I'm remember thinking that I wished she had.

My cousin said she wanted to let Meredith decide if she really liked the style and if she wanted it engraved at all. After you read this, you will agree she made the right decision after all by not having it done.

Now our name is pretty basic, really. Farrell. Not really that long, no accents, no hyphen, many would say a rather common name. Meredith does have some variations, but again only a couple ways to spell it. Here's what happened.

First, a dear friend surprised us with a sign that read "Congratulations Meredeth." Now I need to mention, I was asked to proof it, too. Personally, I love when things happen like this, the "perfectly" imperfect things that make the best stories of our life to tell. When things come out right, even weddings for that matter, they become a little forgettable. The smallest little glitch or blunder gives us the stories, memories we pass down through the ages.

I wasn't there, but I will never forget Kevin and Suzy Smith's wedding day. Kevin tells a great story of what was supposed to be a perfect weather day suddenly turning into a cold, wet, high winds day. As Kevin told the story I felt like I was there!

My New Hampshire puzzle, too, that darned one piece missing has brought me more great conversations and stories and now I'm grateful for it. Perfection isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Anyway, in the mail just this week arrived a beautiful wooden name plate that had in bold letters "Meredith Farrel, Esq." Did you catch the problem here? Too cute and again, a memory. When this one arrived, I said to Meredith, "Oh no, things come in threes, what's the next one going to be?" Well, at this point her celebration time had pretty much ended, so I really didn't think there would be another.

As a treat and memory to herself, she decided to buy herself a nice purse she had been wanting for a while. In my great wisdom, I said, "Hey, I heard they do monogramming for free." How great is that?  Meredith ordered her purse in the store and they said it would be sent to her within a week with her initials MRF proudly displayed on the front. She wrote it down, MRF, they wrote down MRF, her boyfriend Matt even triple checked everything.

Well, we were all pretty excited to see how it turned out. The package arrived, she opened it up, and the purse was lovelier than she remembered. All good so far, a memory. She turns over the special monogrammed tag only to find MRE. Yes, MRE! Well, maybe my mom was right. Everything really does come in threes!

When you stop to think of it so many times in our lives do come in threes. Our own United States Constitution promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we blow out our birthday candles, people usually say to us, "You get three wishes." There were Three Blind Mice, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Wise Men and the Holy Trinity ....

My mom would also say, which I just hated, "Oh, no, death comes in threes!" If one person passed, and then a second, I kid you not, we were waiting for the third. Sadly, she was usually right.

One of the best threes comes from Father Moe Larachelle of Ste. Marie's in Manchester. When we are really upset about something and want to react or over react, Father Moe taught us to take a breath and give it three days. Let things settle down, breathe and then, three days later, if you even still feel the need to address what was bothering you, do. The best words to live by, and it has saved me personally more than once.

Well, with the start of summer the celebrating of our Nutfield 300th anniversary continues. The three towns of Windham, Londonderry and Derry have many wonderful things planned for us over the next few months. The Windham Strawberry Festival was a huge success and Londonderry's Old Home Day celebration, Aug. 14-18, will celebrate with the 300th anniversary theme, too. An old-fashioned community picnic at our own Mack's Apples will start the week of right and then our 300th celebration closes with Derryfest in Derry on Sept. 21.    

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry town clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

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