LONDONDERRY — A man at the center of a domestic dispute and an hours-long standoff with police nearly a year ago has been indicted again, this time for new assault allegations and witness tampering.

A grand jury recently decided that Daniel Gentile, 60, will face a count of second-degree assault and five counts of tampering with witnesses and informants, according to court paperwork.

He is accused of hitting a woman he knew in the face and head, causing a brain bleed, on Jan. 4.

While held in jail the following week, he is accused of threatening the victim over the phone, telling her to withhold testimony. Court paperwork quotes Gentile as saying, “you’re not testifying or I’m going to do 3 to 7 (years) upstate.”

Two days later he’s accused of saying, “get me out of this mess,” and “if they try to (expletive) force you to court, you (expletive) refuse to go, refuse to testify, anything like that.”

And, “you better not show up for (expletive) court. I don’t care what they threaten you with, if you got to do overnight in jail for it, you’ll do the overnight in jail and be a (expletive) man about it (sic).”

During an altercation April 29, 2020, Londonderry police said a 911 caller reported that he was video chatting with his mother when her boyfriend, Gentile, started hitting her.

While officers were en route, the caller told police that his mother was able to run away. She was later brought to a local hospital to be treated for deep cuts on her face, according to police.

Records show Gentile was charged with stalking, resisting arrest, simple assault/domestic violence, a separate count of simple assault and breach of bail.

Police said at the time that Gentile spoke on the phone with an officer who asked him to walk outside and surrender peacefully. Instead, Gentile began talking about weapons he had on him, according to police.

“Gentile allegedly made statements that he was armed and had explosives,” a police statement made at the time reads. “Despite repeated requests for Gentile to exit the home via both telephone and the use of cruiser PA systems, he refused.”

The Southern New Hampshire Special Operations Unit — a regional SWAT team in which Londonderry police participate — responded with crisis negotiators, who made further attempts to get Gentile safely outside.

Nearly four hours after Londonderry police first arrived at the scene, a canister with pepper spray-like material was shot into the home to disarm Gentile and allow officers access to him, according to police.

Police said during a sweep of the house afterward, no firearms or explosives were found.

Londonderry police records show they interacted with Gentile five days prior, April 23, 2020. That day he was arrested on two counts of assault against the same victim, a felony for hitting her body and a misdemeanor for punching her.

During the incident with police this year, similar circumstances hindered the investigation.

Responding officers said they arrived and saw two cars parked in the driveway, belonging to the Gentile and the victim. Officers tried to make contact with anyone inside for several minutes, police said, by knocking on doors and windows.

After not receiving a response, police said they used a PA system to try to draw someone outside.

Police said when they decided to make entry into the home the victim came to the door and was aggressive. An officer’s report noted her face was swollen and red.

“I also noticed that there was dried blood on her shirt,” one report reads. “(She) stated that she had fallen.”

Officers who made contact with Gentile in a back bedroom said his face was “covered in lacerations.” Gentile said his pregnant cat attacked him when he tried to pick her up, according to police.

Police, however, said they noticed Gentile’s right hand was “extremely swollen and bruised” before arresting him.

The victim was transferred to Parkland Medical Center to be evaluated by doctors, police said. She was later transferred to Portsmouth Regional Hospital after the discovery of a brain bleed. 


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