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DERRY NEWS/File imageSecond from right, Sherry Farrell, Londonderry Town Clerk, provided this vintage photo taken in 1976 at Pinkerton Academy while she was a student there. Her best friend, Lana, is also in the photo.

It is hard to believe but by the time you're reading our story this week, the first-in-the-nation, 100th New Hampshire primary will be over. We should know which candidate for each party won. Will it be Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, or will other front runners emerge? Today, Sunday Feb. 9 no one is sure, but in just two days at this exact time, we will be casting our votes.

It’s also strange to think that this great event will be immediately followed by Valentine’s Day 2020. From politics in the air we will move to love in the air on Friday. It really is a sweet happy day for many people, but it is another one of those some might say Hallmark holidays.

If you can, try to not only remember your love but look for your neighbor, veteran, senior or co-worker who might have lost a love and could use a little sweetness too. Now that I’m telling you to do this, I need to take my own advice. I think I’m going to leave chocolate kisses around for everyone and maybe offer them to people I don’t know, too.

I think I might just hug everyone I see! Selfishly, hugs make me feel much better about everything. On a side note, Wikipedia tells us that Valentine’s Day started as a Christian feast day and it wasn’t until the 14th century that romantic love came into play. Apparently, that’s when courting started to become popular.

For some reason over the last couple weeks, we started watching some of the oldie shows of the past. The way it happened was the girls and I were home and trying to find something fun and light to watch together on television. You’ve heard my rant on this before, but now that we have well over 700 channels, I can waste half an hour just trying to find something to watch. I started telling Meredith and Mackensie how back in the '70s we could count on and look forward to certain shows being on, set days and times. It almost made it more exciting because if you missed it, remember you had to wait until rerun season when you might get a chance to catch the episode you missed. We really did look forward to certain nights and shows as a family.

We were looking for a romantic comedy. Even with the girls looking we couldn’t come up with anything that we hadn’t already seen. Out of the blue I said something like, “You would have loved 'Love American Style!'" They laughed, but didn’t have a huge interest. Now I know how my parents felt when they brought up those old love stories and movies of their past.

Well with my minimal television remote skills I went over and started hunting around. Sure enough, you can still pull up all the "Love American Style" episodes. I put one on just for fun and the girls came over to check it out, too. I loved that usually there would be three little short, silly love stories where everything always worked out in the end. They helped you to remember that all relationships need work and patience.

When John got home, I was telling him all about "Love American Style" and he said, “Remember 'Fantasy Island?'” Oh, my goodness that was another one of my favorites. No one had as much charisma as Ricardo Montalban. Everyone loved his assistant Tattoo, who opened every show with “The plane, the plane.”

Just last night we watched one from the beginning to end. I had forgotten that this show also had usually three things going on at once on the island. The one we watched had Bill Bixby in it. It was about a soldier who wanted to go back to when he served to try and change the course of what he remembered had happened with his love. There was another one about a great hunter who wanted to be hunted. I know crazy, but as it turned out he had all this guilt built up inside for years thinking he had hurt people and it turned out to be completely wrong. John said Fantasy Island was about getting a second chance or righting a wrong. The story line was that a person would pay $50,000 dollars for this chance. Once you were on the island as Mr. Roarke put it in one of the episodes “You’re in my world now.” John said it best "Fantasy Island" episode was always about a lesson.

"Love Boat" was another great weekly show. When the girls were little, and I would be planning scavenger hunts and get togethers, and John would call me “the cruise director, Julie!” I bet the actor Fred Grandy, who played Gopher, never thought he would end up running for Congress in his home state of Iowa someday and win.

Something else special about this Valentine’s Day, I will be marrying Sean and Michelle, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Triglianos at our very own Coach Stop Restaurant. They were planning on getting married right at our Town Hall, along with a few other couples throughout the day and then they had a change of plans.

They are a wonderful couple that have made their home here and they have a great small business too. Look for Full Charge Business Solutions, for all your small business accounting, bookkeeping, payroll help or tax prep needs. Give them a call at 603-988-1514 and congratulate them.

Looking for something special to do this weekend? We have so much going on! I cannot wait for these two events. Our Musquash Field Day is Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Richard Flier just called to tell me about our own Londonderry Arts Café on Saturday also. Stop by and enjoy local acoustic music, artists, and it will be held at Orchard Christian Fellowship, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. These great volunteers, from our Arts Council and our Conservation Committee are doing these things for us and our families to enjoy.

A very special happy birthday wish to my oldest and dearest friend Lana (Newman) McDevitt who will be turning 60 on Feb. 13. We met at Pinkerton Academy back in the '70s. Mr. Euker’s Derry Driving School and Miss Matarozzo’s Future Business Leaders of America Club brought us together and we had no idea how blessed we would be to have each other through the years. Lana can be seen in the picture attached, right next to Miss Anderson who had no idea back then that she would become Pinkerton’s headmaster in 2004.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

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